A murdered father, destroyed reputations and a family in tatters


“As I turned him, that’s when I noticed that his face was all white, kind of bluish, and when I looked, there was a puddle of blood to the side of him and then as I turned him, there was a steel object in his stomach.”

I met Frank in the offices of his lawyers in downtown Toronto. We met in a conference room with a wall of windows that overlooked massive skyscrapers. The bright light pouring in was a complete contrast to the dark story he shared as I asked him my questions. 

Frank was wrongly accused in the murder of his father and spent months in prison before being exonerated. He's suing the Durham Regional Police because of the ordeal. 

It was one of the heavier interviews of my career and formed part of the package of articles that eventually had me named the Reporter of the Year in 2015 by the Ontario Community Newspapers Association. 

Published in the April 15, 2015 edition of The Oshawa Express.

FEATUREJoel Wittnebel