From taking bites to saving lives


“This guy was looking through us, it was very eerie, and you’re looking at the huge knife and he kept walking closer and closer and closer, and you’re like, ‘OK, something is going to have to happen here.’”

I've been in the field for about five years now, and to date this has been one of my favourite assignments. 

Not only was Jason an amazing interview, providing great insights and anecdotes about his career working in police and in the K-9 unit, but I also got to meet his partner Brock. 

The day was frigid, and it was starting to snow when we stepped out of the office to take some pictures. The snow made it difficult to grip my camera, but it made for some amazing pictures. 

This took up a centre spread in the paper, and I was super happy with how everything turned out. Thanks again, Jason for taking the time. 

Published in the April 19, 2017 edition of The Oshawa Express. 

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