Florida 2018 - Day 6

Joel’s Journal - February 9, 2018 - Volume 3 - Entry #40 

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A True Vacation Day

Waking up this morning, my body just wasn’t in the mood to function.

I imagine my continuous indulgence into a few beers each night and some not-so-healthy meal choices contributed to it, but my stomach was not in the best of ways. 

I took a shower, got some water and OJ and opened up my laptop to try and take my mind off the nauseous gnawing in my stomach. 

It worked a little bit, by the time the rest of the family was starting to move around and get their selves ready for the day, I was still in bed and not much in the mood to move. 

The plan for the day was Daytona Beach, about an hour and a half drive northeast to the coast. 

When I thought about it, that amount of time in the back of a cramped minivan seemed like the last thing I wanted to do. Comparably, the thought of having the condo to myself for most of the day, seemed like a pretty nice prospect. 

So, I stayed behind as the rest of them drove off to the beach. 

It was actually quite nice. I got a load of work done, edited a bunch of photos from the boat ride and Gatorland the days before, and posted up on the patio out back with a cold drink and my book for most of the afternoon. As the sun beat down, warming my face, I read about the FBI’s failures and some of South Boston’s most notorious Irish gangsters. 

And that was pretty much how my day went. In all reality, it was a true “vacation day”, doing exactly what I wanted to do, without having to worry about any other responsibilities or going anywhere. 

The family returned around dinner time and we made some food before settling back in for another family game night. 

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading!



Joel Wittnebel