Florida 2018 - Day 8

Joel’s Journal - February 11, 2018 - Volume 3 - Entry #42

February 11, 2018 Cover.jpg

A Final Day of Sunshine 

It was our last day in Florida, what do you think we did?

Thanks to my dad’s ingenuity (well, actually, it was just him wanting to book cheaper flights) we didn’t fly out until late in the evening on our final day. 

This was all well and good, as it gives us more time in the sunny south, but it also a bit of a pain when you have to vacate your condo by 10 in the morning. 

Thankfully, we got a late checkout, but that only gave us a couple more hours.

However, when the time came, the group was all packed and ready to go. 

Not home though. To the pool. 

With so many hours to kill before our flight home, we decided to spend the majority of them getting in as much relaxation as we could. The knowledge was already starting to creep in that we were heading back to the snowy wasteland of Canadian winter. 

It was made all the worse by the fact that as we sat in our lawn chairs, my brother, my dad and myself playing cribbage on an empty chair, we continued to get updates on our flight as it was delayed, delayed, and delayed some more. 

We all made the typical jokes that we might as well stay here, forget the return trip. 

Yet, when the time came, we all changed into our travel clothes, gathered our stuff and made a sombre exit. 

I cast one final look back at the pool and the glowing sunshine. I’d been there several times as a kid, and  thoroughly enjoyed my time here as an adult. I couldn’t help but wonder when the next time I’d set eyes on this pool would be?

The rest of the day was typical travel hustle and bustle. 

We dropped the rental car off, checked through security, plopped into a set of chairs near the food court, and waited for our plane to board. 

We got a quick dinner, and I immediately opened up my laptop, connected to the Internet and began getting myself ready for production the very next morning. 

I had a few stories to write, and with lots of spare time, I plugged in my headphones, blasted some A Day to Remember, and got to work churning out some reports. 

In the end, it was a very quiet end to a very relaxing trip. 

Even now, only a day removed, I’m already looking back on those hours on the patio with my dad and Liam, or riding the airboat with the family as if they happened years ago instead of only last week. 

Regardless, it was an amazing trip. 

Now, it’s time to get back to reality. 

Thanks for reading!


Joel Wittnebel