Florida 2018 - Day 7

Joel’s Journal - February 10, 2018 - Volume 3 - Entry #41 

February 10, 2018 Cover.jpg

Warm Memories


I pulled down the lawn chair a few notches to decrease to the angle, lay back, tipped my hat over my face, and closed my eyes. 

The sun was awash over the pool area. A few scattered voices and the music from the others side of the pool drifted over to me, but it was far off as I stated to sink into a nap. 

It was my second time doing this routine, and was interspersed with bouts of reading, sipping a cold beer,  chatting with my parents and brother, and tossing the frisbee around in the pool. 

It was a pretty great way to spend the last day of vacation. 

I tried to push away the thoughts of the work waiting for me back at home, and just let the sun melt away any stress that tried to push in.

In the pool, I studied the soft glow of water washing over the rocks. I took in the way the sun cuts through the spiky shoots of the palm trees curving overhead, and I tried to see myself as I was about 20 years ago, swimming in that very same pool. 

A weird feeling, and a reminder of just how fast time flies by. I remember those old trips fondly and think back on the memories tinged with the warm feelings of nostalgia. 

The only other excursion of the day was to the Super Target across the street. It was my first (and only) shopping stop of the trip, where I had my eye on some things that aren’t available in Canada. After that quick stop, my Dad and I left a few of the others to shop a bit more and went to fill up the rental van with gas before swinging back around to get them. 

To cap off the trip, the six of us went out for a final dinner together at a restaurant nearby, where Liam and I shot some pool as we waited for the food to arrive. 

Back at the condo that night, we had a final game of Catan, and a few more rounds of cribbage before calling it a night. 

For the first time in the week, M and I were able to connect on FaceTime before going to sleep. 

Hearing her voice and seeing her smiling face turned my mind away from Florida, building the excitement for tomorrow’s return trip home to Canada. 

Until then, thanks for reading!


Joel Wittnebel