Vacay Prep and the Wednesday Wrap-Up

Joel’s Journal - January 31, 2018 - Volume 3 - Entry #31

Taken at the scene of a double shooting in south Oshawa on Monday that left one man dead and another in hospital.

Taken at the scene of a double shooting in south Oshawa on Monday that left one man dead and another in hospital.

Four days and counting!

Now, I haven’t packed my bag, or even really thought that much about flying off to Trump-land just yet, but I can feel that boiling of excitement starting to simmer in the bottom of my stomach. 

Admittedly, I’ll miss M like crazy, and I think after a couple days with my crazy family I’ll be longing for the calming effect that she brings to my life. Thankfully, there’s wifi, so I’ll be able to keep in touch with her while in the condo down south. 

I describe my family as crazy, but that’s mostly in a good way…*cough*…*cough*…mostly in a good way. Needless to say though, this is a trip we used to take all the time when I was a kid, and I’m kind of excited to do it all over again. 

Previously, we’d be making the drive down. We’d all be packed into the back of the minivan, each of us with a bag of clothes or a sleeping bag stuffed beneath our feet and a backpack in our lap jammed full of things to keep us busy on the three-day drive. As fun as that was as a kid, I don’t think I’d want to relive that as adults. Thankfully, we’ll be flying down this time around. 

With that said, I’m thinking it may be time to bust out some old photos again for my entries for this journal from Florida. You guys seemed to like all those included with my birthday entries. 

Okay, I’ve got a Netflix date with M in about two minutes, so I’ve got to take off. In the meantime, enjoy the Wednesday wrap-up of my latest from today’s edition of The Oshawa Express, including updates on Oshawa’s latest homicide, a progress report on the Durham police body-worn camera project, and some stories out of Monday night’s council meeting. 

As always, thanks for reading!


Top Stories


Double shooting leaves one dead, another in hospital

It was an early start Monday morning as I got word of a double shooting in the south end of Oshawa that occurred late in the evening on Sunday. Two 22-year-old men were shot while sitting in a parked car outside an apartment building. One of those men was killed and the other transported to hospital in serious condition.


Man charged in connection to Rori Hache murder still seeking council

Making yet another appearance in court, Adam Strong, the man who was holding the remains of Rori Hache in his basement apartment, is still without a lawyer. Rori’s mother says she’s not surprised, stating lawyers know the case is going to be too long and too gory to get involved with. 


Police chief reassures Oshawa after deadly start to 2018

During a scheduled appearance before council, Durham police Chief Paul Martin took his moment before councillors to share a message of reassurance following a rash of violence that has run through Oshawa to start the year.


Durham police one step closer to body-worn cameras

Following suit of other North American police forces and their Toronto neighbours, the Durham Regional Police are set to launch a pilot project for body-worn cameras this June. 

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