Weekend Writing

January 7, 2018 - Joel's Journal - Volume 3 - Entry #7


My routines have shifted so many times I’ve lost count. 

In more recent times, and documented in the first couple volumes of this journal, I’ve been a morning writer. And I continue to love to write in the mornings. It allows you to get the task out of the way before the trials of the day. I always find my brain is drained and too tired at the end of the day to pluck up the creative spirit to sit down at the computer again. 

It hasn’t always been that way though, there’s been times where I’ve written at night before bed, and even times where I’d taken to trying to get a few words in on my lunch break (working at an auto parts warehouse is not the most stimulating of jobs, so lunch was a perfect time). 

Now, I think things may start to shift again. 

With my commute to Oshawa now being significantly longer than my previous few minute jaunt down the road, I’ve had to reorganize my mornings. 

I’m not upset about it, the trade-offs of living with M and being in the downtown core, highly outweigh the change in routine. However, I think I’m still trying to figure out the best time to write now that my mornings have been dedicated to driving instead of sitting at the keys. 

As I mentioned before, I’m usually too tired at night, and after sitting at a keyboard all day, I unfortunately don’t feel like doing it when I get home. 

With all that said, we’ll see what happens. I’m not too stressed about it, and perhaps that’s because I had a great couple days of writing over the past weekend, pushing the novel to nearly 60,000 words. 

Both Saturday and Sunday I was able to get a solid hour (Saturday) and quite a bit more (Sunday) of writing in before even getting out of bed. The only reason to step out of the warmth of the sheets being to get a cup of coffee. 

In fact, I’ve actually grown quite attached to writing in bed, propped up with a pile of pillows. Not only is it much comfier and warmer than the wooden chair at my desk, but there’s less pressure. 

A desk is official. A desk means business. 

In bed I feel a lot more laid back (pun definitely intended) and it seems to have a good effect on my brain, as the words have been flowing quite easily in recent weeks. 

I’m hoping they can continue to do so, and perhaps allow me to finish this book before the end of the winter season. 

I’ve also got updates on my other two books, which I’m currently in the midst of editing, but I think I’ll talk about that tomorrow. 

For now, it’s Sunday afternoon and a new book is calling my name. I’m about to crack into the massive tome that is Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties. 

As you’ll be reading this on Monday, I’ll wish you a happy Monday and I hope you all had a great weekend! Let’s have a killer week. 


Thanks for reading everyone, 



Joel Wittnebel