Saturday Mornings and a Trip to London Town

Joel’s Journal - January 27, 2018 - Volume 3 - Entry #27


It’s probably the moment I look forward to the most during the week. 

It beats the minute the paper is finally sent to the press and off my shoulders. It beats walking into the apartment at the end of the day and reaching for a cold beer in the fridge. And it beats writing in the early morning hours. 

It’s waking up on Saturday morning, with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and M sleeping soundly beside me. 

I’m awake fairly early, as usual, and my body doesn’t fall back into a full sleep after about 8:30 a.m., but it allows me to have that kind of sleep that comes and goes in pleasant waves. 

With a smile on my face, I push closer to M, deeper into the pillow, and just soak in the feeling of freedom that only a Saturday can bring. The only thoughts swimming to the surface of my mind are perhaps reading the newspaper and putting on a pot of coffee. 

For now though, as I pull the sheets higher, I’m happy to just watch the morning grow brighter outside my window. 

When we did start the day, I made M and I some breakfast before the two of us settled on the couch to watch a movie and just let the hours melt away. 

I kept my writing streak alive by getting some words in, and also spent some time transcribing interviews and getting myself set up to do some writing when I hit the office on Monday. 

When the afternoon rolled around and evening approached, the two of us packed up and headed for the car. 

Our plans for the night were taking us to London to warm the new home of a couple friends. 

On the way down, with M driving, I took advantage of the time to get a little more writing in ahead of the office on Monday and was able to get a couple stories done related to City of Oshawa business. 

It was a great night, with some good company, good conversations and lots of laughs. Well worth the two-hour drive, there’s a certain feeling of refreshment that comes along with a night spend with friends. 

And speaking of travel, it seems that M and I like to move around on this weekend each year. In 2017, at this same time, we were in Montreal, visiting the Biodome, driving up Mount Royale, and eating some of the best pizza I’ve ever tried. 

Anyway, just a quick one today everyone, too tired to crank out much else. 

Thanks for reading!


Joel Wittnebel