Face to Face with a Monster

Joel’s Journal - January 24, 2018 - Volume 3 - Entry #24 

Can't take pictures in a courtroom, so, here are some nice trees from today. 

Can't take pictures in a courtroom, so, here are some nice trees from today. 

The man stood stalk still. Looking closely at the screen there was the slightest of movement, the man swaying slightly as he waited for the judge to finish speaking. 

The orange jumpsuit was bright against the drab holding cell where they brought all the felons for their video calls. 

Perhaps if he knew all of the angry eyes, the shaking heads and the tragic tears on the other side of this camera, he wouldn’t have been so calm. He wouldn’t be speaking like he was agreeing to a food order instead of criminal court proceedings, and perhaps he’d seem to care a little bit more. 

Or perhaps not, it’s hard to say what’s going on in the mind of someone who had the dismembered body of a teenage girl in their basement. 

Now, the man hasn’t officially been charged with Rori Hache’s murder (if you want to learn a bit more about that, click here), but that isn’t too much comfort to Hache’s mother who sat in the front row of the courtroom, staring down this man who is accused with committing an indecent act with her daughter’s dead body. 

I sat a few rows behind her, notebook in my lap. Several other reporters, police officers and onlookers surrounded me. 

It was one of those moments where you need to be observant, clear-headed and diligent with your notes. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about how uneasy the man was making me. 

Regardless of whether he killed this girl or not. He’s still in jail, still arrested for having her cut up dead body in his basement, and his demeanour suggests this is just same shit different day?

It was hard for me to get passed. 

It’s really all I wanted to mention today. It was a heavy way to start the day. I don’t think I even felt the cold as I walked the few blocks back to my car, my eyes watering in the icy wind as my mind was busy trying to process what I had just seen. 

And it must have taken it’s toll. I’m usually pretty awake and chipper when I get home in the afternoon from work. Today, I was exhausted, and crawled between the sheets for over an hour to nap and try and regain some of my energy. 

It worked, a little. I’ve got this entry to finish up and a feature to write. 

In fact, I better get to that now. 

Thanks for reading, 


Joel Wittnebel