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Joel’s Journal - January 23, 2018 - Volume 3 - Entry #23 


We’ve reached the halfway point. The week is quickly melting, just like a lot of the snow outside (that was, until winter decided to plunge us into a deep freeze again). I’ve had a busy day, and for some reason, find myself doing double duty on this journal, I didn’t miss a day, but I feel like I’ve gotten behind a bit and keep posting old content from the day before. 

It’s bothering me that Jan. 22 content is published on Jan. 23, and Jan. 24 on Jan. 25. I want the entry published that day to reflect THAT DAY. I guess I need to figure out then whether I’m going to publish in the morning or at night?

Excuse me. Brain is running a little amok. 

As I try and wrap my head around this, here’s the run-down of the content I created for this week’s paper. I’m fairly happy with all of it! 

Enjoy, and thanks for reading. 



No rush decisions for Graywood waterfront proposal

A story I’ve been following for some time, and one I know a lot of people in Oshawa are concerned about. This took a bit of new reporting, but it was mostly digging through my old stories (a year’s worth of writing and reporting on the subject) and pulling out the juiciest bits. I led with the new information (as any good news story will) then continued on with a timeline of this controversial development over the last year. 


Fund for infrastructure gets a small bump

The budget is finally done, and with it, many of council’s decisions are set in stone. Like this one, a decision to increase the amount of dedicated dollars for repairing city infrastructure. The city is increasing their contributions to this fund by 0.1 per cent. Last year, when they created the fund, they made the contribution 1 per cent of the tax levy. That equates to about $1.2 million. Now, with the additional 0.1 per cent, it’s an extra $132,000. I don’t know about you, but those numbers seem small in comparison to the $448 million list of projects the city needs to pay for over the next nine years. 


Rental licensing expansion quashed once again

I’ve written about this story before, and I’ll keep this one brief. A new plan was brought forward to license landlords in the city’s downtown, something that could potentially improve the lives of tenants by making their building owners keep their homes up to livable standards. However, I admit, the city is right in noting that it would be hard and costly to administer. Needless to say, tenant advocates are not going to be happy about this one. 


City stamps 1.79 per cent tax increase

THE FINAL BUDGET STORY. THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN, NO MORE NUMBERS….(until next year, or further investigation into the budget, or budget changes..whatever, it’s the final budget story).  It  1.79 per cent increase equates to around $50 more in the tax bill for the average resident. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.06.18 AM.png

Staff apologizes for naming councillor in report on criminal activity

This was an interesting one. In my nearly four years of covering council, I can’t remember a specific councillor ever being called out in a report before. So, when a councillor’s name appeared in a recent report as the source for information, my interest was peaked. It was peaked even more when it turned out that information regarded potential legal activity. When this one hit the committee floor, there was a lot to be said. 


Protestors call for new probe into Cameron Bailie case

The Cameron Bailie case shook a lot of people in Oshawa. I would say it was one of the most talked about news stories in Oshawa in some time, that was, until the Rori Hache case. With that said, Bailie’s body was found in Lake Ontario in June. Police have stated there was no foul play, backed up by a coroner’s report and post-mortem investigation. However, those in attendance at this protest aren’t convinced, and they want another investigation. What do you think?

In Other News 

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