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Bikes adorn the ceiling at Gears Bike Shop in Toronto.
Bikes adorn the ceiling at Gears Bike Shop in Toronto.

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Joel’s Journal - Entry 81 - 20/1/2017

The voices echoed around the high ceilings of the council chambers.

Some of them sharp, like tiny squash balls rocketing from wall to wall, others deep and low like storm clouds brewing high in a dark corner.

Perhaps I had just been there for too long, but this is where my mind was going, trying to find ways to describe the scene that wasn’t simply just eight people sitting around discussing money.

Municipal budgets are fairly boring, just by their name alone they are boring. I probably just lost half of my readers because I mentioned council in the first line and if that didn’t scare them off, the municipal budgets mention in the fourth paragraph definitely did it.

It shouldn’t be boring though. You would think, the way everyone always wishes they had more money, you’d think they would care more about how it is spent. Because these eight councillors sitting around in these council chambers are making decisions with your money, OUR money. If you pay property taxes anywhere, then your elected officials are using it for something

Anyways, it was a full day inside the chambers today, and when I was finally able to escape, I headed back to the office briefly to check my emails and any missed messages before running back to the apartment for a quick dinner.

Sadly, after saying goodbye to M last night after my birthday celebrations, I didn’t get the chance to see her today because we both worked. The reason for the rush was in order to make an event I was covering in Toronto.

I was stoked for it actually. A local mountain bike racing team Cannondale 3Rox, formerly Scott 3Rox (I’ve written about them previously) were having a launch party for their upcoming season and the team manager invited me to come cover it and grab some photos.

At the bike shop, bikes hung from the ceiling in droves, high above the heads of the people filling the space. I sipped a beer and did my interviews, first the team manager and then Derek Zandstra (a national champion). Raphael Gagne, Canada’s Pan Am gold medallist from the Toronto 2015 games is also part of the 3Rox team.

I count myself privilaged every time I have the opportunity to chat with such awesome people. It’s definitely one of the perks of the job.

With my photos taken and interviews wrapped up, I ducked back out into the misty rainfall and headed to my car.  In true Toronto fashion, I’d driven circles around the bike shop in Toronto’s distillery district for about 20 minutes before finding a place to park my Golf.

Getting out was a bit easier, and after a short 45-minute, congestion free drive to Kitchener, I stopped at a friends place for a beer before heading home.

At that point, it was nearly midnight, and with most of the house asleep, save for my younger brother, who I greeted with a hug, I quietly unpacked my things.

Grabbing a thick blanket from the cupboard, I dropped onto the couch, called M, and was almost immediately asleep after I hung up the phone.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and are doing what you love, and doing it well.

Thanks for reading,