Trying to Write Away a Hangover

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Morning coffee.
Morning coffee.

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Joel’s Journal - Entry #82 - 21/1/2017

With the photos edited and my work done for the day, I closed my computer and stood to stretch my back.

It was almost midday, but the light outside was soft and grey. The fog that had formed overnight was still hanging thick among the trees in the backyard.

I made the trip down to Kitchener the night before following an assignment in Toronto. The reason for the visit being a birthday dinner today (Sunday) for myself and my dad, who had birthdays a week apart earlier this month.

After finishing my work, I squeezed past my dad, who was cooking in the kitchen, and headed downstairs to hang out with my brother for a little while.

We drank a couple beers (a couple that turned into far too many later in the evening) and played some NHL 2016. It seems like nothing, and its something my brothers and I used to do all the time years ago when there was nothing else to do on those quiet Saturday afternoons. Now though, we rarely get the chance to just hang out, and when those opportunities come around, it’s great, and I do my best to appreciate them.

After a steak dinner, we all settled on the couch to watch a bit of the Leaf’s game before my brother and I headed over to his friends place to drink a few beers.

Now, sitting on the couch with my stomach churning and my head hazy and aching, I realize it was probably more than just a few.

I think I need to get some more rest before the birthday dinner this afternoon. After that I’ll be heading back to Oshawa. I’ve got the Generals game to cover at 6 p.m.

Until tomorrow though, do what you love and do it well.

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