The New Project and a Big Announcement (coming soon)

I always find I write my best in odd places.

While I love my own desk, there’s just something that gets a little stuffy after having worked in the same spot for weeks on end. It’s like the shiny sphere of your creativity gets dusty after sitting in the same spot for a long time.

So, this past week, M has been house-sitting and I’ve tagged along a couple nights.

Waking up early in the morning to write has been an absolute dream. Whether it’s the unfamiliar environment, or the kitchen with all its window and white morning light, the words have just been flowing.

I’ve gotten two coffees worth of writing done each morning for the past few days, and I’m quickly approaching the 20,000 word mark on this latest project. So, perhaps it’s time to tell you a little bit about it.

It really started with a single image. Not a physical picture and not a real place.

It’s a small bedroom, The ceiling is angled by the roof on one side and underneath the dip sits a single bed. A perfectly folded bedspread of blue plaid is laid across it, and at the foot of the bed, there’s an open window looking out onto the rooftops and alleyways of a grungy city.

This isn’t the odd part though. The odd part is the young boy laying atop the bed, only he’s not laying, but floating about five inches off the bedspread. He’s got short brown hair and dark brown eyes that stare up at the ceiling.

Honestly, I have no idea where the image came from, but it stuck with me for a couple days and didn’t leave me alone. So, I turned it into the opening scene of this story.

The young boy’s name is Jax, and he lives in a world that has experienced some kind of disaster. I don’t know if it’s nuclear or what happened, I haven’t unearthed that part of the story yet. Whatever it was that happened, it’s caused kids that are being born in the first generation after the disaster to be born with different mind powers.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on this now, and apart from those made famous by Stephen King, there’s quite a boat load.

After making this discovery, I wanted to include them all in the story, but figured things would just get out of control WAY too quick. So, I narrowed it down.

And that actually become part of the story.

There’s the “Big Five” which many people in this world I’ve created are born with one of these or have in some capacity. I’ll leave it to you to guess which five I’ve gone with. Obviously from the image in my head, you can suppose that telekinesis would be one of them. A good guess (and a correct one), but there’s also transvection (or levitation) which could have had Jax floating off that bed.

Regardless, there’s the Big Five. And nobody in this world, NOBODY, is ever born with more than one power. There’s rumours that such people exist, but it’s almost the stuff of urban legend.

Except for Jax. He is one of those kids.

The opening scene starts with the kidnapping of his mother. He doesn’t know why, he’s doesn’t know much about the Big Five or any reason why someone might be after his mom.

However, my main antagonist Carolyn has different ideas.

More on that later though.

Okay, *deep breaths*, that’s it, that’s what I’m working on. It’s going to be a novel, a novel completely different from the last three I’ve written, but I’m SUPER pumped about it.

In this world I’ve created I can do WHATEVER I want. My last books have been very much grounded in reality and how the experiences real people go through impact them. This book is really just a story, and I’m hoping a great story.

It’s allowing me to seriously flex those creativity muscles, and like I said before, some of them are happy to shake off the dust.

Now, to the big announcement. As the title warned, that was a bit of click bait, because I’m not sharing what that is just yet.

Those real close to me will know what that is, but today things got official, and I couldn’t be more happy!

In the meantime, today is Tuesday, which means production. I’ll be in the office most of the day putting together a newspaper, followed by some assignments later in the evening, one of which I’ll probably write about here.

On Wednesday, I’ve been comped a pair of free tickets to the CNE, so M and I will be heading down there with a couple friends.

GREAT start to the week.

Hope you’ve all had the same.

Thanks for reading!