The Best Day of the Year

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When the amazing sweater covers up the fact that you just woke up.
When the amazing sweater covers up the fact that you just woke up.


Joel’s Journal - Entry #67 - 6/1/2017

Seriously though, today just couldn’t have gotten any better.

The short version, put together a killer newspaper, celebrated the completion of my book with M at an amazing restaurant, shoved my face with some unreal pasta and wine, then on top of that, I got a message saying my hoodies and t-shirts were ready to be picked up.

As you can tell from the photo, they look amazing! A big shout out to Grant, a local graphic designer here in Oshawa who did all the printing work. They turned out amazing. What do you think?

Honestly though, now I’ll do the long version.

The day started off slightly better than the last few mornings. My trouble waking up early has somewhat subsided as I get used to waking up with an alarm again, but it’s taking time. I also think the problem is no motivation, or nothing motivating me to get up. I always say the night before I’m going to get up and do some “work”. But when it comes 6 a.m. the amount of brainpower it takes to decide what that “work” actually is, is enough to put me back to sleep. Before, I knew the novel needed to get done and that got me up and moving. Perhaps I need to start a new project.

At the office, it was a rare Friday production day, and my editor and I put the finishing touches on a great paper. With all of our Year in Review content for 2016, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

When the afternoon rolled around, I packed up a little early and headed back to the apartment because I’ll be working both days this weekend. And now, prepare yourselves, I did something crazy.

I exercised.

Yeah? I know, everyone pick your jaws up off the floor. Here, no, let me help you with that.

It was some basic body-weight exercises for about a half-hour and after going so long without much physical activity, it was a nice kick to the brain to let me know just how unfit I actually am.

I was hurting afterward, but after a steaming shower and a change of clothes, I actually felt really good.

Right now, I know what you’re thinking, it must be a New Year’s resolution or something, and you’d be kind of right. However, I don’t like the word resolution, I’ll just refer to it as something I’m doing. Resolutions automatically have this connotation that they’ll take all year, or you have all year to complete them. Well, this is something I’m doing, and I’m doing it right now. Plain and simple. Make it easy on your brain, if you want to do something, just go on and do it.

Before dinner, M met me at my apartment so we could drive together and we headed to this Italian place in Brooklin, Corrados. Apparently, it’s a pretty popular spot, but in my two and a half years here I have yet to try it.

The dinner was partially just a chance for the two of us to go on a date, but also the first chance we’ve had to celebrate me finishing What We’ve Become. It’s such a lonely gig sometimes as a writer, and finally being able to share it with others (well, that will happen soon), or at least have others be a part of it, even in such a small way as having a dinner to celebrate, it a big deal. And M has always been so supportive of everything I do.

That support is unbelievably valuable to me.

Stephen King writes about how, as a writer, you should have an Ideal Reader in mind, someone who you’re always thinking about when you’re writing. Having them in the back of your head, thinking about what makes them laugh, what would make them happy or sad, or what would scare them, or touch them, will make your stories more human, because if they connect with one person, chances are they will connect with many more.

M is that person for me, and the more I learn about her as our relationship grows, the more I realize how lucky I am.

Prior to dinner, I’d gotten a message from the designer that my sweaters and shirt would more than likely be done that evening. As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, I wanted to take my crest and put it on some hoodies and t-shirts. Well, instead of just thinking about doing it, I went ahead and did it.

They turned out amazing. I really want to know what you guys think! Leave me a comment and let me know! Would you wear one?

I won’t take much more of your time, it’s Saturday, so I’ll thank you for reading, and I hope that today you’re doing something that you love, and you’re doing it well!


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