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Not feeling too bad after a pair of late nights (with more than a few beers).
Not feeling too bad after a pair of late nights (with more than a few beers).

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Peter McKinnon’s vlog I mention in the journal. AMAZING stuff.

Joel’s Journal - Entry #139 - 3/18/2017

Life can pick up quite the momentum sometimes.

This past weekend is the perfect example. Now, that’s not to say we need to wipe the slate clean and stop doing some of these things; this weekend was amazing. First, a jaunt to Kitchener for a St. Patrick’s Day party. Second, up early the next morning, carve out some time to write. Third, pick up the car, head back to Oshawa. Fourth, head to Newmarket for a Jack and Jill party (St. Patrick’s Day themed, it was awesome). Finally, back home to the apartment, crash for 12 hours.

It was absolutely nuts, and it felt like I didn’t stop moving for a single second.

Today though, I want to talk about something else.

Waking up around noon this morning (after sleeping right through my alarm) I crawled out from the sheets, quietly as to not disturb M, put the coffee on and dropped into the desk chair. While sipping my first cup of coffee, I scrolled through my YouTube subscriptions and caught up with Casey Neistat (I posted about the amazing initiative him and some other guys are doing to help the famine in Somalia. It’s amazing stuff!).

Then, I watched the latest videos from my newest favorite YouTuber/photograher Peter McKinnon.

It’s his awesome vlog that I want to talk about.

Or more specifically, I want to write my support for one of the real and completely true sentiments he shared during one of his monologues.

McKinnon is in northern Italy right now filming some sort of bad ass film or project for Porsche. His vlog in the mountains is spectacular.

It was here, standing outside his hotel room that he took a second to stop and think, noting that among the chaos that we all live, especially in the creative field, that it’s important to stop and take a minute to appreciate things.

Let me explain. Whether it’s writing or photography or vidoegraphy, I’m always running from one thing to the next, grabbing an idea, running with it and creating it, bringing it to fruition. Or in the case of photography, I’m in a place and my shutter is clickclickclickcclickclicking away constantly as I search for that next best image.

“You often forget why you’re here or how you got here and the work you put in to get here,” McKinnon says in his video.

And in my mind, the why is the most important. Your reasons for doing something bleeds through not only in your images, but can be read between the lines clearer than if someone ran a highlighter across the page.

Speaking directly about photography, McKinnon notes that very few people look at a camera for the first time and immediately think of doing it as a career, for the majority of photogs, it starts at as a hobby, a passion. You pick up that camera and start documenting simply because you want to and because you can.

For me, someone who has many passions, they all started from that space. I started writing simply because I had a pen and a blank notebook and could fill the pages with nothing but the movements of my hand and the thoughts in my head. I started taking pictures because I had a camera and could capture moments with it. My start in reporting could be a little more on the practical side of things, but it was my passion for skateboarding and snowboarding that led me down this path in the first place.

Regardless, that’s what I wanted to remind myself of today and anyone else you maybe needed to hear it. In the crazy rush that life can become sometimes, (even when you’re doing what you love and doing it well) it’s good to take a step back and remember the passion that you have and pull that back up to the forefront and let it coat your work like a polish, it really does mean something.

“Just remember that what you’re doing is special. The memories that you’re creating out here, the time that you’re freezing, that’s just as important,” McKinnon says.

Thanks for the wise words Pete, and keep up the great work.

Everyone, as always, keep doing what you love and doing it well, and thanks for reading.


P.S. The chapter is coming soon, I PROMISE!