Searching for Calm Among the Chaos

A king and his domain. M's cat makes sure that all is in order in his backyard.
A king and his domain. M’s cat makes sure that all is in order in his backyard.

Today's Three Takeaways


Relax. It’s Christmas.


Sometimes, there really aren’t enough hours in the day. Get used to it. 


Cats offer some pretty good lessons in the art of chilling the fuck out. 



Joel’s Journal-Entry #48-18/12/2016

I always try and fight off this feeling, but every year it alway seems to creep back in, this nagging burning of frustration that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I need to.

I’m hoping that by writing about it here my brain will learn to just relax and enjoy the Christmas season, but sadly, that really won’t help me get all the Christmas shopping done.

I’ll be off on holidays starting Tuesday afternoon and it only leaves me a few days to get everything I need for my family Christmas. I always tell myself it’s not about the gifts, but just about spending time with those you love, it still doesn’t save me a trip to the mall though.

Anyways, enough, deep breaths now, we’ll get it all done.

It was a busy weekend after I took a surprise trip down to Kitchener, returning Sunday afternoon to see M and prepare for the Gens game that night.

Now, after a slow morning, I’ve spent the afternoon in the office, writing and finishing up those stories that will run this week, along with those that will be slated for the new year.

Despite the stress, I’m starting to get that familiar feeling in my stomach, that excitement that comes along when you know that holidays are coming up and work will soon become a distant memory. M and I are planning on doing some shopping together this week and have tentatively rescheduled our trip to the Christmas Market in Toronto, which got snowed out our first attempt. I’ve also got a few morning writing sessions waiting for me.

But for now, I need to prepare for council.

Thanks for reading!


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