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I have a hard time relaxing.

It sounds ridiculous, but any time that I’m not doing anything that I would consider work, I start to eat at myself and tell myself that I should be working and not relaxing.

I think there’s something wrong with me?

Perhaps not, perhaps I just think too much.

I’m writing this at my desk in Oshawa once again, and once again those pair of fans are blowing against my back because it’s still sticky hot in this old house.

It’s been a long day, so, let’s get writing.

I don’t have much I want to touch on today. It was a fairly normal day in the office.

One of those days where it feels like I’m doing all of the PRACTICAL side of working as a reporter/editor and none of the FUN stuff.

The practical side is all the emails and phone calls to set up interviews, the inner-office meetings and discussions. All of those things that are part of the job, and take up a lot of time and energy, but are not the things you got into the business of journalism to do.

However, I did get a nice haircut today, which kind of improved the day.

It’s amazing how a little trim and a wash can leave you feeling fresh and ready to kick some ass.

The appointment was fairly late, but when I got home I made some dinner and the massive vat of pasta sauce that will be coming on my camping adventure this weekend.

It’s crazy, there’s been so many things going on lately that I feel like I haven’t even touched on the absolutely HUGE things that are coming down the line for me in the next few weeks.

There’s Algonquin, as I said, but then there’s JAMAICA, and then there’s M and I moving in together.

It’s a whirlwind, and as I said in that post a few days ago, it’s weighing on me a little. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a lot to think about, and I find myself tiring easy.

I think a week in Jamaica not thinking about work whatsoever will help.

I think by that time, without the trappings of work at hand, I’ll have a much easier time cutting loose.

Fingers crossed.

Sorry for the scrambled thoughts today, but tomorrow is another day and perhaps it’s time for a solid story. I was re-reading my 100th entry from Volume 1 last night and it really got me psyched about doing more stuff like that. I’ve got a TON of family photos I could pull out.

What do you guys think? Drop me a comment 👇👇👇

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading!