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Here's me being a lot more active than I was today. This was snapped by M at the Christmas Market last week.
Here’s me being a lot more active than I was today. This was snapped by M at the Christmas Market last week.


Joel’s Journal - Entry #60 - 30/12/2016

I finished a novel, I think that allows one a day to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I know, it’s not words that I write often on this blog, but it’s absolutely what I did today.

The alarm was left off, the drapes were pulled shut and I let myself sleep for as long as my body felt is was necessary. I woke up around 9 a.m. and decided I deserved a little more sleep. Smiling to myself, I rolled over, closed my eyes and was almost instantly back to sleep for another hour or so. The warmth of the quilt and the duvet surrounding me like a cozy bubble.

I awoke an hour later and felt incredible. It really is amazing how much of a difference getting the proper amount of sleep can make. It’s not that I really neglect my sleep, I’ve always known it’s important for me to get at least six hours if I want my brain to function as well as I need it to, but the clarity and the quickness of having the proper amount of sleep is amazing. I think for 2017 I’m going to start prioritizing sleep a little bit more. It’s just tough with writing and reading and reporting and blogging and photo editing and novel editing and social media planning and shit the list goes on.

You get the idea.

So, when I did finally roll out of bed around 10:30 I ate some cereal, put on some coffee and crawled right back into bed with my laptop.

I had no real plans to do much work and after ignoring the flood of emails that appeared in my inbox when I accidentally opened Gmail, I spent the next FIVE HOURS watching videos on YouTube. I’ve mentioned Ben Brown’s vlogs on this site before and with over, 1,000 videos to choose from, the guy is a legend. If you haven’t checked him out and are looking for some adventure/travel/photography/positive vibes then I highly recommend. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite Youtubers and Instagrammers at the moment.

After that, I needed to get up and do some Real Life Things (the cateogory of things that require some thinking and actually leaving the apartment). I headed to the mall to pick up a shirt for New Years Eve, because, well, I need to ring in 2017 in some style. Then I headed to M’s place.

Sadly, she’s been battling a cold and fever, even sadder, she possibly could have gotten it from me, as I’ve been fighting something off these past couple weeks.

So, we did much of the same that I was doing all day and laid in bed to watch a movie together. It wasn’t much, but after the quiet day I had, it was a perfect ending to just to see and be with her. I’m hoping she feels better soon.

Now, it’s time for me to move on and work on some other things! Perhaps a 2016 wrap-up and a 2016 in Pictures post are coming your way?! Hmm, well, not perhaps, yes, yes they are coming your way.

What a perfect way to wrap up the holidays. Sunday, it’s back to work covering the Generals. 

Thanks for reading, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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