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Winter must have seen my post from a couple days ago. Windchill is back with a vengeance.
Winter must have seen my post from a couple days ago. Windchill is back with a vengeance.


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Joel’s Journal - Entry #65 - 4/1/2016


It was another slow start for me today and I’m trying to figure out why.

Generally I’m pretty great at getting up early and putting nose to grindstone, but these past few days the motivation (or energy) just hasn’t been there.

Perhaps because the novel is done my brain is just taking a holiday and dragging my body along with it.

I don’t know, but I’m going to try and get up at a decent hour tomorrow morning (Thursday) and perhaps get things organized to do some editing for What We’ve Become.

As they say in the journalism world, today would be one of those time where its, “nothing new to report.”

The paper’s year in review edition is coming along quite nicely, as my editor and I are using these extra couple days to our advantage and putting together some nicely designed pages. Other than that, I finished wrapping up the research for the “Odd News” section of the paper as well as the past year in sports. I finished my review of council and their many decisions earlier this week.

When the workday was over I made a quick jaunt down to city hall to grab my parking pass for 2017 (big perks of being a city hall reporter, what what) and then headed further north to M’s place. I got out of the office at the perfect time, slightly before 5 p.m. and beat most of the traffic though the downtown, and also got to enjoy quite the sunset that was going down over the city. The sky was awash in blue and orange and the clouds looked almost soft enough to sleep on.

When I arrived at M’s she was already in the process of putting together what I will hence forth refer to as the Power Salad. Spinach. Arugula. Boiled Eggs. Feta Cheese. Tomatoes. Quinoa.

I don’t think you could squeeze more protein in there if you tried. It was damn delicious too.

As I’ve written before, I love to cook, but it’s always nice to have dinner pretty much ready to go and cooked for you after work. I’ll never complain about that.

When dinner was done it was time to watch the World Junior Championships. I don’t have TSN on my home TV and it was a nice benefit to be at M’s place to watch the game, though I can’t say she’s the biggest fan of it. She let me watch it though, and I am eternally grateful. Needless to say, she’s pleased there is another game tomorrow night (but low key, she’s probably pissed).

Anyways, that’s enough from me for now, I hope you’re all having a great week so far!

For tomorrow, make sure you do what you love, do it well, and as always, thanks for reading!