Quiet, Cozy Nights with M

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Silent roads at sunset.
Silent roads at sunset.


Joel’s Journal - Entry #66 - 5/1/2017

They really are the best kind of nights.

The Scrabble board was laid out on top of her bed. The canvas of squares was sitting slightly raised atop a photo album to keep it flat and M and I were staring at the tiles leaning against their tiny holders in front of us.

The World Juniors gold medal game was playing in the background, but for that moment, as I looked up and watched her face, I wasn’t paying any attention to it. I watched the way her head tilted to the side, the way her eyes slowly moved across the tiles then flicked to the board, looking for the perfect spot to play them. Her index finger rubbed smoothly across the tops of the small wooden squares.

I loved every movement of it.

It was the highlight of my day.

Finishing off the last of the content for this week’s paper, which we will be putting together for the press tomorrow (Friday), I headed out at the same time as yesterday for M’s place. There was another awesome sunset washing the sky over Oshawa and I didn’t mind being stuck in a bit of rush hour traffic. I gripped the wheel and let the colours wash over my eyes.

When I arrived, we lazed around, ate some dinner, then retreated to her room to watch the game. Because she’s not the biggest hockey fan, we played a game together as a sort of happy compromise so that she wasn’t completely bored. I was happy to do it.

It’s been quite the slow start to this week for me, as my past few journals have suggested, and I think that perhaps it’s just an off week due to things just not being proper with work.

The production schedule is changed for the first time in almost three years and it’s a bit of a weird thing after like practically 100 straight Tuesdays, to not be putting a newspaper together.

I think that, along with not getting enough sleep, are combining to have me just feeling kind of hazy this week.

Despite that, these calm moments with M, where I can just look at her and not have to worry about anything else, they’re what I’ve been looking forward to each day.

Thanks for reading everyone, and remember to do what you love and do it well!


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