Projects Update #2 – 11/24/2015

20151121-_JJW1000Updates for: Teagan, short stories

I’ve got a plan.


Yeah, me neither.


Well, it’s necessary now because we’ve got a little bit of a problem with the latest novel.

It’s not exactly a big problem, but if I don’t finish writing this book soon I may never finish it.

Why? Because I’ve got another idea.

It’s generally how it happens. Whether I’m writing a short story or novel or essay or whatever, if another idea crosses my mind for another story, and it’s a good one, then it will slowly start to grow in my head, inflating so big until it pushes out all other thought and I can’t ignore it any longer.

The idea came to me a couple weeks back while walking through downtown Oshawa, I had my headphones in and the music, combined with the setting ignited something in my head.

Now, it’s turned into a novel idea and I really want to get going on it.

However, I always find it hard to abandon a project once I’ve started, especially one that I’ve spent months and many tired mornings working on.

So, I sat down and made myself a plan.

It’s simple really. I guesstimated that I’m about halfway through this story, that’s basically a guess as I don’t really know how the story is going to progress. I have a basic idea of the ending, but how we get there is not cemented down yet.

So, like I said, a guess. There novel currently consists of 60,000 words, or nearly 120 pages.

I figure I need to double that and the story will be done, and I want to do that by Christmas.

Start the new year fresh with a clean slate and a new novel to work on.

It actually worked out quite nicely because we are exactly 30 days until Christmas, even I didn’t need to pull out the calculator to figure out the daily word output I would need to reach 60,000 words by that time.

2,000 a day.

And the the task begins now.

Estimated completion date: 12/25/2015

Short stories

I’ve been an editing machine these past couple nights. As my series Horizon’s End reaches its conclusion I want to have another story for those asking for more.

So, How I Know and Consumption, which I’ve told you about previously, are both finished and will be coming out in the coming months.

Only a few more small adjustments.


Estimated completion date: 11/30/2015

Thanks for reading,