Projects Update #1 – 11/18/2015

A look at some of my ongoing works.


I’m starting to get really excited about this novel. I mentioned in my latest journal that writing a story is like extracting a small part of yourself and putting it on the page. Well, this novel is essentially the personification of that. I think it was Hemingway who said, “there is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

I always thought the words were a little dramatic, that was until I wrote this last book.

The personal experiences, the settings, and even the characters, all of it has a small part of me attached to it, and just reading the words sometimes can take me right back to the real place, whether it was months or years ago.

I’ve received one of my manuscripts back from an editor (you should really check her out, she does amazing book reviews) and the amount she reads, she was a top choice to point out some of the glaring errors that I missed the first few times around.

It’s the way it is though. After reading a book twice and editing it myself, if there’s a mistake there and I haven’t caught it, chances are I’m not going to.

Things out of character or plot holes and timelines that don’t add up, she caught them all, so Lauren, thank you.

As I work to incorporate some of her suggestions into my draft, I’m still waiting for a few others to return with their comments or edits, or whatever feedback they wish to give. Once I’ve gotten them all, I will be able to put out the fifth draft and possibly repeat the cycle all over again.

My editors will love me.

Estimated completion date – Undetermined

Short stories and novellas

My short stories, How I Know and The Journey Begins Here along with my novella Consumption are all in the editing stages right now and will hopefully be completed in the coming weeks.

I think I’m the most excited for Consumption, and probably most excited for you all to read it.

If you’re an old-school horror fan, I think you’re definitely going to like it. It’s my take on the alligator in the sewers myth, but instead of sewers its an old house and instead of alligator it’s a giant squid.

Yes, I’m not kidding.

There’s cheating, hidden secrets and borderline insanity, and tentacles coming out of toilets.

Yeah, I went a little overboard with it, but fuck it was a lot of fun to write.

Estimated completion/posting date: 11/30/2015

Personal Essays

I’ve toyed with this personal essay for a while. I actually wrote it while I was in Alberta after I was asked by someone why I kept my skateboard around when I rarely rode it.

I didn’t really have an answer for them at the time, why did I keep it around? I probably hopped on it about three times a year.

Well, I thought about it and realized keeping that board around was about more than just having the occasional push down the street.

It was  symbol for something more. It represented something that I didn’t want to forget about.

So, I wrote about this realization and put down some pretty solid thoughts on how skateboarding affected my life growing up and how it’s made me the person I am today.

Estimated completing/posting date: 12/01/2015

Thanks for reading,