Project Update – May 11, 2016

The Summer of Short Stories

So, with the novel complete, save for the final go through and the additions of some missed plot lines, I’ve decided to focus on short fiction this spring and summer.

The Summer of Short Stories, if you will.

As I’ve mentioned before, I started out writing short stories when I first started putting fiction on the page, and I’ve drifted away from that. Perhaps I thought the novel was the ultimate frontier and wanted to conquer that before the age of 30. Well, I guess I did that

Short stories are just so much more fun to write. They’re short, they’re usually action packed and I can start crossing some of the ideas out of my notebook, and perhaps clear some of them out of my head.

In the first month I’ve gotten two under wraps already.

The first is entitled “There Were People” and is a dystopian future story after the world has been ravaged by the affects of climate change. This story I actually wrote an original version of back in university. I pulled it from the trunk and completely reworked it. It was a wicked process, but more on that later.

The second story is called “By the River”.  This is my first horror story since “Consumption” and I once again was reminded how much I love writing these things. The 6,000 + words came out in five morning writing sessions.

More to come on those and others this summer.

Thanks for reading!