Project Update #3 – 12/02/2015


I’m editing okay, post over.

Alright, not really, but seriously, this shit takes time.

The arc of excitement when it comes to a novel is completely compelling to me. When you first get the idea, the novel seems to crisp, so clear, so perfect. It’s like the book you are about to write is going to be the next masterpiece.

When you sit down to start writing for the first time you feel like you can write the whole thing in one go. Reality however has different plans.

Then, as the weeks and months go by, the interest slowly wanes. Not totally, when I was working on Teagan there were only scattered mornings when I woke up absolutely dreading opening up my laptop, and it usually happened when I was stuck somewhere.

The rest of the time I was very happy to meet back up with my characters and move them further along in their story. The morning hangouts with these fictional people basically became a routine.

Then, as the climax occurs, you’re briefly reminded of that feeling you had when you first started writing the book. That feeling of utter sureness, complete certainty that what you’re working on is completely worth your time.

Then the editing comes.

The fun part, the writing, is over. Now, you’re not only chopping out sections of what you’ve so painstakingly poured onto the page, but you’re forced to rework the entire thing. It’s like you’ve just cooked this amazing meal, a perfectly cooked fish, fluffy, salty, delicious.

However, before you can eat it, or let anyone else enjoy it, you have to pull out the tiny little bones lining the flesh, all without damaging the original product.

Good luck.

So bare with me as I try and go through this editing process for the first time

Estimated completion date: 31/12/2015

Personal essays

I mentioned a few weeks back that I’ve got a lengthy personal essay on the way, and it’s still coming. The Skateboarding Essay will be posted in the coming weeks, but I’m in the process of working on some cover art and visuals to go with it. I just need to convince a photographer to come take some photos while I’m skateboarding. Let’s hope the snow holds off.

Short stories

Here’s some better news. I’ll have a new short story coming this Friday.

Not new in the sense that I wrote it yesterday, but new in the sense that it’s the first time I’m sharing it in the edited version it’s in.

I’ve offered a short preamble on this piece before, so I won’t do it again here, but hopefully you’ll come back Friday and check it out.

Completion date: 04/12/2015

Thanks for reading,