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Happy Campers.
Happy Campers.


A Romantic Night Out

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Writer’s Note: Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of M and my’s first date. I decided to go old-fashioned and write her a letter. Perhaps I should mail it, but I think she already knows most of this 😉

Joel’s Journal - Entry #95 - 2/3/2017

Dear M,

It’s not one memory alone that fills my mind when I think back over the last year, it’s a feeling, and it doesn’t just fill my brain with its soft warmth, like the air brushing off an open flame, but my entire body.

And like a fire on a cold night, once that emotion wraps itself around me, I never want to leave it, and for the past year, it’s stuck around.

When I first struck up a conversation with you at that Christmas party, I’ll honestly say I did not know that this is where it would lead. Who really ever knows those sorts of things when they first meet someone?

But from that very first conversation, when we laughed together and we talked about ourselves, our pasts and a little about what we wanted for the years ahead, I knew there was something there. I could feel it then, whenever our eyes connected and that part of me, deep down, that usually remains hidden reared up and started pressing all the right buttons.

This was something, and it was something real. Really real.

It took some time before I saw you again, and when I did, I wasn’t going to allow the chance of you slipping away again this time.

It’s been one year since that night when I asked you to join me at the art gallery later that week, and what a year it has been.

I’ll never forget the first time I laughed at the awkwardness of the alpacas that called your backyard home (or even when the one spit on my head, I’ll DEFINITELY, never forget that). Our walks through the back forest, our drives into Port Perry for drinks and desert, that time we stood underneath the gazebo at the edge of Lake Scugog and I wrapped my arms around you when you leaned against the chipped wooden railing. It was only a few short weeks since we’d started seeing each other regularly, and I knew it was too early to tell you, but right there I wanted you to know that I was falling in love with you.

Since then, it’s been an adventure-packed year around Durham, Kitchener, London, Algonquin Park and Montreal. We also contended with bouts of long distance between the UK, Paris and Mexico.

M, it’s been the best year of my life, bar none, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 and beyond has in store for us.

Always yours,


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