Joel’s Journal – October 17, 2016

There really isn’t any place quite like a university campus.

This past weekend, in between covering Oshawa Generals’ games on Friday and Sunday, I took off from town with M on Saturday afternoon to celebrate her birthday with some friends in Guelph. With M being a University of Guelph alum, the first time we travelled to the city this summer, she gave me a tour of the campus. I enjoyed it so much that I requested we do it again this time.

In the summer, the place was deserted as the majority of students were gone (that didn’t stop us from exploring some of the old buildings whose doors were still open though).  This time though, the place was bustling with kids taking midterms and students adorned in university swag leading tours around the leaf-strewn campus.

You see, Guelph is like one of those campuses you see in the movies. Massive, old buildings, coated in ivy and old trees lining cobblestone sidewalks. There are students milling about carrying binders and textbooks, others with ear buds plugged into their ears and a cups of coffee in their hands.

M and I walked hand in hand through the campus. We didn’t really have a destination in mind, but she was able to show me some of the buildings we’d been locked out of on our last visit.

With all the editing and work I’ve been doing lately, it was great to spend some time out in the cool, fall sunshine, just her and I. It was a perfect day.

I want to try and grasp what it is that makes campuses such intriguing places. Perhaps it’s the romanticized thoughts in my head thanks to the movies and books, or perhaps it’s just the look of the trees, the ivy and the old buildings.

Maybe though, just maybe, it’s something created by all those minds and hopes, and dreams in one place. Every kid (well, mostly every one) who goes to university has a hope, or a wish for what they want for their future. Perhaps all those hopes and positive energy just spill from the buildings like a gas leak.

Whatever it is, I always find myself thinking that after a career in journalism and I want things to slow down a little (that happens eventually right?) a second career as a professor would be quite interesting.

Anyways, about today. It’s Oshawa city council tonight, so to make up for that time, I’m able to take this morning off and relax. The coffee is on right now and I think I’m going to spend the next couple hours planning the week ahead. It’s always my favorite thing to do on Mondays.

Lastly, I want to add that the edits on “What We’ve Become” are flowing along nicely. I’m nearing the half-page of my manuscript and once that’s done I can dive right back in. I’m really starting to miss my morning writing sessions, and I really REALLY, want to get this novel finished. There’s only a climax and a few short scenes to write, I just want to make sure I have my head in the right space when I go at it.

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P.S. If you’re curious about what I’ll be working on tonight, follow me on Twitter for all my reporting updates. And if you’re looking for more from Guelph or from the Oshawa Generals games I mentioned, I’ve posted more photos of both and you can find those here (Gens) and here (Guelph).

Happy Monday!

A walk through the University of Guelph.


A walk through the University of Guelph.

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