Joel’s Journal – November 8, 2016

Taken this past weekend during a walk along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

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Taken this past weekend during a walk along the Lake Ontario shoreline.
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A much calmer day, sort of

Hey everyone, first off, as always, thanks so much for coming to check out my blog. Hope you enjoy my words and you’re having a great week.

After a crazy day yesterday with some breaking news coming in just as I’d gotten home to grab some dinner, I was happy for a much calmer vibe today (save for the American election, but we’ll get to that).

As a Tuesday, it’s production in the office as we work to put together this week’s paper. Last night was also a city council meeting, meaning it was a busy night for my main beat, and also meant several stories needed to be written late last night.

Our press deadline is 2 p.m. so after discussion with the press to make sure all the pages had been delivered, it was out of the office for me and back home for a relaxing afternoon on the couch. I thought about doing some freelance searching, or some novel writing, but I’d done my writing earlier that morning and I was starting to get that familiar feeling that my brain just needed a little bit of time off. So, I spent a couple hours on Instagram and Youtube (I can’t get enough of Ben Brown’s vlogs right now) and just basically let my brain kick back. 

After the rest I felt a little better and got some writing in on a little side project before M came over after her day.

We planned to cook a big stir-fry dinner and watch the election results roll in.

The funny thing is, we sat for a while before going to get some groceries and started to talk about the changes that we would like to see down the road. Where we want to be in a year from now, what we would like to see happen in the new year, etc. I, again, mentioned my ongoing feeling that something is changing in my life.

As I mentioned in my last post about this, I don’t know what it is, I think I’m too thick in the forest to see what is on the other side of the trees, but I know something is there.

I felt good after the talk, which ended with us making some pretty exciting plans. I’m not going to say anything right now, top secret, but I’m super stoked. Now just need to focus on getting some extra freelance work to help my cashflow situation.

After our amazing dinner we settled into watch the debacle that was the U.S. Elections. As a journalist, I have many opinions about what’s happening (as of my writing this, the official results have not been announced, but it doesn’t look good). However, I hate talking politics and I won’t bring that hate onto this blog. It’s only positive vibes here, as much as I can help it anyways, and the fact that so many people can support so much hate (not to mention a pathological lieing, racist, sex deviant). I just don’t understand.

WRITER’S NOTE: I’m going to break in here, it’s Wednesday morning, and I wrote this last night, so the results are official now. I have nothing more to say, other than let’s all be grateful we are Canadian citizens, and the sun still came up today, and it will continue to do so tomorrow and the day after that. Let’s keep the positive vibes strong. Okay, enough from me, back to my journal. 

At the same time, I just could not be happier to be a Canadian citizen.

Okay, enough about that nonsense.

It’s Tuesday evening, and this weekend I’m excited to say I’ll be heading down to Kitchener to visit the family (and Jude!) and perhaps get my hair trimmed up all nicely. Hell of a weekend.

As always guys, thanks for reading.