Joel’s Journal – November 24, 2016

It seems the season can't decide what it wants to do. It's too warm for snow, but too cold for anything else.

Fade Away

It seems the season can’t decide what it wants to do. It’s too warm for snow, but too cold for anything else.
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Added 48 words Friday morning = 114,888

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What Life is Really About

Entry #24

There are times when I write something, and it doesn’t seem to have much impact on me at that point, but it sticks with me for a while.

When writing about the south end of Oshawa and meeting the people who live in those awful apartments with landlords who just don’t seem to care, and put money above common decency, that was something that stuck with me.

That was an entire news series and a feature story to boot, today it was something as small as an Instagram post.

Yesterday I snapped a picture of the tree outside my kitchen window, one of my favorite subjects BTW, and tossed it on Instagram with a caption about the changing seasons and how they always seem to go by so fast.

I wrote it, posted it, and didn’t think much more about it that morning.

However, as I went through my day, it kind of kept occurring to me how true those words actually were. It was like through all the noise that fills my head in the mornings, the pressures of a day about to unfold, a tiny diamond rolled out.

It couldn’t have come on a better day either. I was in the office this morning to finish up some writing on a feature I’ve been working on for weeks (it’s on drug use, fentanyl specifically, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully it will run next week!). After finishing that up I was on my out to lunch when we got word that someone had been stabbed a local high school. So, bye bye Joel’s lunch plans and hello breaking news. The kid was okay, investigation is still ongoing.

After that I was at the university campus for the grand opening of their new athletic fieldhouse, then back to the office briefly before trying to grab an hour or so break (I napped) prior to my night assignment and radio appearance.

It was a crazy day, but I enjoyed it.  I always feel better at the end of the day when it was crazy busy, I imagine it’s kind of the same feeling you get after a good workout.

Yet, I always think about whether this is really what life is supposed to be about.

I go about my daily things, working writing, taking pictures, editing, interviewing, all of that without a hitch, but at the end of the day, things were so hectic that it’s like I can barely even remember any of it.

It’s not until I consciously think back and recall it all that I can talk about it.

Honestly, I think that life is about finding the moments among the mayhem. There’s so much going on in all of our lives, I know I’m not alone, and it can all get really noisy sometimes. However, there are times when things just seem right.

Those are the moments I like to chase. It also helps to have someone to pull you back to earth sometimes, because that’s where you find those moments. M does that for me. During the day I can get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I’m thinking about 50 different things (and crushing them all, if you must know) but it’s a little selfish because I’m only thinking about me.

Having someone who instantly breaks through all of that with the simplest of words or even a smile, and instantly brings me back to reality (a very happy reality) is amazing.

Now, it’s Friday, enjoy the start of your weekend people. After grabbing some pictures at the Generals game tonight, M and I are off to Kitchener. Get excited!

Thanks for reading,