Joel’s Journal – November 19, 2016

A Farewell to Fall

A Farewell to Fall

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112,666 (no words added today)

My Perfect Saturday

Entry #19

I can’t think of a morning more perfect than this one.

The bed is completely warm when I open my eyes. I roll over to drape my arm around M just as the alarm goes off for the second time.

I quickly turn it off and check the time. It’s just after seven in the morning and I know the coffee has been brewing for nearly 20 minutes already.

It’s Saturday though.

I drop my head down to the pillow. I smell the sweet scent of her hair and the soft welcoming of the bed, and instantly fell back into a pleasant doze.

The alarm prods me from my sleep again a few minutes later and this time I switch it off.

The soft glow of morning sunlight is soaking everything in my room with yellow tinge and I take a minute to smile and absorb it all before I get up to write.

It’s the first weekend in a while that I don’t have to cover any sort of assignment for work, and waking up on a Saturday morning with nothing more to do than write and drink coffee is a perfect start to the day in my books.

M is a late sleeper, and having her to curl up next to during a break in the process is more than I could ever ask for.

When she woke up I started to think about what I was going to do with myself today. Since she had plans to go and visit some friends in Guelph, I decided that I would pack a bag and make the trek to Kitchener to see the family and Jude.

Like the smart, energy efficient humans that we are, I decided to drive the both of us and dropped her off on the way.

While I was excited to see Jude and my brothers, I was most glad to be able to hang with my dad, drink a couple beers and watch the Leaf game. It was something that I took for granted when I was living at home, and while I was living in Kitchener. We used to watch the games together all the time and now, living on the other side of Toronto, the opportunity rarely comes around. This was the first game all season we’ve been able to watch together, so it was an awesome time.

It was back to Oshawa early this morning after swinging through Guelph to pick up M. Now, it’s nothing but being cozy on the couch and watching a movie for the rest of the day. A perfect way to hide from the winter weather that is creeping in.

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