Joel’s Journal – November 12, 2016

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The Perfect Light


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A write off

After an extremely late night on Friday and a few too many drinks, Saturday was really a write-off for me.

It took practically all of my energy to get up out of bed and get myself to the haircut appointment I’d scheduled for 1:45 in the afternoon.

However, after getting vertical and pouring some caffeine into my system, I was starting to feel more like a human being again.

That being said, I accepted the fact that very little work was going to get done. I focused on getting my journal written (wanted to keep the 11 day streak alive) then basically settled onto the couch to simply edit some photos.

For me, my workflow with photos is pretty simple. I really don’t like spending my time staring at a computer screen. I already do enough of that when writing. I would rather have the settings and the light correct while out taking the picture. So usually, unless it’s a low light situation or I’m aiming to get a certain look, there is very few adjustments I need to make.

For that reason, it’s a pretty calming way to spend my time curled up on the couch.

It also helped me do a little catch up because I’ve been falling behind on my photos lately. Along with the sunset drive M and I took the other night, I’ve got an entire afternoon hike of photos to look through and pick the best ones along with hundreds of shots from Remembrance Day. I also spent a large chunk of the day watching vlogs and videos by Ben Brown. If you haven’t seen his Visual Vibes series, I highly recommend it, and the positive energy in his videos is seriously contagious.

So, it’s safe to say, by my standards, yesterday was a write off.

That’s okay though. I’ve been really happy with not only the quantity, but the quality of work I’ve been putting down lately. The novel writing is going well, and though these blogs are simply tiny daily jots about nothing much at all, I’m happy to be able to keep it going.

Monday morning I should be back to my normal schedule.

I’m still in Kitchener for a couple more hours, but then I’ll be heading back to Oshawa for work tonight covering the Generals game. It should be a little bit better than usual as The Oshawa Express has a box for the game, so free food and drink! I’ve also got a ticket for M for the game, so it will be good to be able to sit and watch it a bit with her instead of having to worry about getting my shot through three periods.

Anyways, I’m going to drink another cup of coffee, edit this journal and get ready for the trip back.

If you’re reading this far, thank you so much for the support, you’re awesome!

And as always, thanks for reading,