Joel’s Journal – November 11, 2016

The Last Leaves

The Last Leaves


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Needing a hangover cure

The morning was clear and it immediately made me smile. I knew as I crawled out of bed that I would be spending a large chunk of the day outside, and the weatherman had originally called for rain. However, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, you could tell it was cold and a wind was pulling at the leaves of the maple tree outside my window. There was no rain though, so as I eased myself out of the bedroom, careful not to wake M, and poured myself a cup of coffee, I was smiling. I immediately set to work on getting some progress completed on the novel.

The story is starting to come together, and with each scene I write in the latest plot line, my villain gets closer and closer to his destination and the inevitable climax of the story, which I can’t wait to write.

As I mentioned, I was spending the majority of the morning outside covering the large Remembrance Day ceremony that takes place in Oshawa’s Memorial Park. With the Ontario Regimental Museum in the city, and the largest collection of working military vehicles and tanks, November 11 is always quite the spectacle in Oshawa.

I remembered from covering it last year that my hands and ears were frozen by the end of it. So, I made sure to stick a hat in my bag along with some fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm, but keep my fingers free to control my camera and recorder.

The light was absolutely perfect, coming in through the massive trees in the park, turned almost sepia-toned as it filtered through the yellowed leaves. I think I got some really great shots.

I wasn’t long in the office after that as I wanted to beat the traffic on the 401 when I headed to Kitchener, and despite leaving early, it was still a mess.

When I walked through the door at home, Jude was the first to greet me, and when I stepped inside I could feel that cold mood that had been sitting in my head for the last couple days just slip away. 

Jude barked as I immediately headed to the fridge for something to eat, a habit of mine, home always has the best food. Well, perhaps not the best food, but it’s a lot more full than my bare fridge at home.

After catching up with the family over a couple beers I headed out for some wings and beer with Mike and Larissa (you remember those two, I wrote a little thing about them yesterday).

Anyways, I had one too many beers and was awake nearly until the sun came up, so, other than this blog, I don’t think any more writing is getting done this day.

Thanks for reading,