Joel’s Journal – November 10, 2016

The Last of the Sun

The Last of the Sun

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Added 625 Friday morning = 106,272

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I made it outside in time to catch the light today! It almost managed to lift that dark mood completely, almost.

Thanks for checking in everyone, it means a lot to me, seriously. 

As I said in my post yesterday, after a long day, M and I headed out for a quick hike in the last of the day’s light. However, it lasted only a few minutes.

Today though, I made the drive to M’s place, and we had a bit more time for exploring the forest behind her house, along with the rest of the farm. Her parents have a small plot of land with some chickens and alpacas. I was able to get some shots that I’m extremely happy with. And it just so happens that alpacas don’t really mind having their picture taken.

I spent most of the day in the north end of the city as I had a few interviews spread an hour or so apart, which would make driving back to the office in the south end kind of silly. The interviews were actually a blessing in disguise, as I was really craving a change of scenery.

Being the first one in the office that morning and after checking my emails, I headed out to do a little bit of work before my interviews later that morning. That heavy feeling was still lingering, but it’s easier to deal with when I’m moving, keeping my brain occupied. 

M met me at the cafe for a couple hours to do some work as well and when I headed out for my interviews she headed home where I met up with her later.

I can slowly feel that heavy mood starting to slide off my brain. As I mentioned yesterday, following Tuesday’s election results I’ve just been in an awful mood, whether it’s a direct result of that I’m not sure, but I’ve just been feeling down since then.

Today certainly helped, and spending time with M in the woods certainly helped.

After grabbing some shots by the small pond in the back portion of their property, the two of us visited the animals before heading into the woods. The sun was just starting to get that yellow glow it gets when the day is coming to an end and the darkness begins to creep in. As if the sun, with one last burst of effort, is trying to glow its brightest before disappearing for the day.

I cranked down the f-stop on my camera and was able to get a ton of shots with some just righteous sunbeams.

Beneath the trees, the light was defused beautifully, creating a hazy green glow that may need a little photo shopping to touch up, but nevertheless, I ran around like a kid searching for easter eggs. I probably shouted yessssss enough times for M to shake her head at me.

It seemed I wasn’t done taking pictures yet when we went inside because the light coming in through the window was just too good and I took about 100 pictures of M’s black cat perched on the edge of the couch. It just so happened he liked having his picture taken too.

I always forget how happy it makes me just to pick up the camera and shoot whatever I want. I’m always using my camera for work and looking to get a particular shot. When there’s no set goal and no ideal in mind and I can just be creative is what really gets my brain firing. Perhaps that heat will finally melting that icy mood.

Let’s hope it keeps burning tomorrow. I’ll be driving home to Kitchener for the weekend and will be seeing some friends and family, and the puppers Jude, so, naturally, I’m stoked.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I’ve been working on a piece about my good buddy’s wedding (where I was the best man) for the last couple weeks. I’m finally comfortable enough with it to share. If you’re looking for an outside look at an amazing relationship and about being part of a just amazing day, check it out here.