Joel’s Journal – November 1, 2016

And it begins.

A new month, and hopefully, a new string of blog posts for me.

Yesterday really was a busy day, but it felt like a slow one.

I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but put simply, I had a lot going on, but I felt like my mind was elsewhere. Those heavy thoughts were just slowing everything down, like my mind is a racecar and instead of controlling it and letting it go, it was trying to move but I was standing on top of it.

Good analogy? Perhaps. You get the picture.

It’s another Tuesday in the books and that means another production day wrapped up and another issue hitting the stands tomorrow morning. After my big ghost feature was published last week (I’m super happy about it! Check it out here), I’ve been able to take it easy and just have some pretty basic news content in this weeks issue. Nevertheless, some pretty pressing matters addressed for the residents in this community. The potential blight on the waterfront of an ethanol plant, a possible new sports field in the city’s south end, an area in dire need.

Speaking of the south end, I realized today it has been almost a year since my in-depth coverage of those issues. That experience was extremely eye-opening for me not only as a reporter, and the potential power stories can have, but just as a person. Seeing the conditions that other people have to put up with, the mould, the cockroaches, the disrepair. It really makes one appreciate what they’ve got.

I can still remember touring the apartment, walking behind the mayor (who brought along security) and councillors as they took it all in with a meagre amount of surprise.

A year later I think it’s time to follow up and see if things have improved.

Enough of that though, I think perhaps that story deserves a Reporter’s Notebook post of it’s own.

We’re here to talk about “What We’ve Become”.

Did I say how well the writing is going? Did I say I’ve nearly surpassed the 100,000 word plateau?

Well, yes, yes I did. For those who missed it and aren’t following me on social media I’ll throw all those links into the bottom of this post with the other resources.

Summed up, yes, the muse is here and she’s giving me one heck of a kick in the ass. Let’s hope she sticks around.

Thanks for reading,



As I said, here’s some of my coverage from last year regarding Oshawa’s south end.

Are these Oshawa’s slums? 

Mayor tours problem apartment

Oshawa’s impoverished


Enjoying the last of fall at Lake Ontario

Enjoying the last of fall at Lake Ontario

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