Joel’s Journal – December 15, 2016

Let it snow.
Let it snow.

Novel Word Count



Mission Hot Chocolate

Entry #45

“What the hell is this?”

The headlights of M’s car shone a pair of beams across the snow-coated road, split by parallel lines of grey from the passing of the brave cars before us. We were one of the only cars on the road now, and we were practically alone, save for the man riding his bike down the middle of the deep snow track in the middle of the road.

The lights of Wentworth Street East and Simcoe Street loomed ahead, the red circles cutting orbs into the darkness above us as we rolled slowly forward.

“Is this for real?” I said. It seems we fall back on rhetorical questions when reality becomes too much.

It most certainly was for real. In typical south Oshawa fashion, someone was doing the unthinkable, and most certainly was not in a sober mindset.

M and I could tell from his build that he was male, and we could tell from the way that he was handling the bike, despite the fact that he was riding in nearly six inches of snow, that he was not in a proper frame of mind.

He did recognize that the red light meant stop, which was probably good for him.

M slowed the car as we neared the man. As we did, he moved to put a foot down to wait for the light, but instead went toppling over sideways into the snow. All of this, in the middle of the street. He stumbled to his feet quickly, picked up his bike, and then decided that walking it was probably a much better option.

The light turned green and M and I proceeded toward the Tim Hortons where a pair of hot chocolates had our names on them. The plan was to nab the hot drinks and then return to the warmth of the apartment for Netflix.

I’d had a busy day in the office, and as I said yesterday, this double-time writing is really taking it out of my brain. I try and resist, but my body just knows better. My alarm was not enough to get me up at 6 this morning and therefore missed my daily fiction session. However, I think it was for the best, because I woke up later feeling refreshed and ready to crush some stories in the office.

The snow started falling with a vengeance late in the afternoon, as if Mother Nature was trying to make up for last time. I spent my breaks drinking coffee and watching the weather outside the office window. I managed five stories, to go along with the four yesterdays. I’m racking up quite the tally this week and it feels great.

Aside from the highlight reel fall in the middle of Wentworth and Simcoe, I can’t say there’s much else I need to mention today, other than the fact that there’s a new Reporter’s Notebook post the way, where I talk about fake news and a pair of recent viral stories.

I talk a soft game on this journal, but soon you can take a look at my essay writing chops, they need some work, but I’m getting there.

Thanks for reading,