Joel’s Journal – December 14, 2016

Got my writing face on.
Got my writing face on.

Novel Word Count

No progress Thursday morning. However, I'm still feeling I'm in good shape to wrap this project up by the end of the year. A week off starting Dec. 20 will certainly help.


No progress Thursday morning. However, I’m still feeling I’m in good shape to wrap this project up by the end of the year. A week off starting Dec. 20 will certainly help.

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Cozy season

Entry #44

My phone was on the floor again, pulsing it’s annoyance into the calm morning silence. I rolled over and reached out with arms that didn’t want to cooperate. My fingers, sweeping across the soft carpet, eventually found the phone in the darkness and silenced the noise. It was time for me to get up, but not M.

She didn’t seem too disturbed as I begrudgingly got out from the warmth beneath the sheets, took my laptop from my desk and headed for the couch.

It was a pretty typical day after that. I was alone in the office and got four stories written, along with getting an interview done to go along with a sports story I’m working on for next week.

You see, it’s double time right now at the office. The 21st will be our last issue of 2016 and the paper shuts down until the new year. Meaning, when we get back on January 2, we’ve got a paper to fill, and fast. Our publisher has been kind enough to push our print deadline up a couple days, meaning we’ll go to press Friday night instead of Tuesday night. However, we’ll have another issue to throw together only a few short days later when we publish again the following Wednesday.

So, along with our final issue of 2016, I’m planning content and writing stories that will have some legs to last a couple weeks and be published in the new year. I’ve already been able to bank a couple, which is encouraging, and I’ve started to do research for our Year in Review section that fills the majority of the first paper of the year.

When the day wrapped up, I headed to M’s place where we proceeded to relax and watch Home Alone 2. Beauty.

Now that it’s winter, the drive out of the city is getting a little perilous, especially when the plows are slow to react, but I love the night time drive, especially at this time of year.

Tonight was a full moon, or pretty damn close to it, and the sheets of snow covering the rolling fields outside of Oshawa seemed to reflect the light back into the sky, creating a hazy white glow.

The wind was loud outside the car and at open points in the trees along the roadside, strong blasts would try and shove me onto the shoulder. But even with the wind, and even with the snow, and even with the bare trees, shaking in the winter night, things somehow managed to look warm; the houses in particular.

Along the country road, the houses are spread at fairly good intervals allowing me to glance down the laneways briefly without getting a crick in my neck. Many of them are adorned with glowing Christmas lights, others have Christmas trees standing sentry in their front windows, and others have no Christmas decorations at all, but their blinds are pulled up and the orange glow of light from inside is spilling out onto the snow coating their front lawns.

Christmas is cozy season, and Mother Nature certainly knows how to make it look that way.

It’s also a nice reminder that no matter how cold things get sometimes, there’s always a nice place to go and warm up.

For me, that place was the apartment, and when I pulled the car in and shut it off. I took the final few steps at a run, my comforter and quilt were calling my name.

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