Joel’s Journal – 12/02/2015

Tuesdays are my favourite day.

Seriously, I think everyone should start having a favourite day again. I remember in elementary school, pizza day was my favourite day. Not only did I not have to lug my embarrassingly large lunchbox to school, but shit, you got pizza for lunch.

Or in university, Thursdays were always my favourite day. It was always the night that everyone went out. Sure, I went out and drank a lot of other nights, in second year I was probably borderline alcoholic. It was also the year I started writing fiction…coincidence?

Anyways, Thursdays were different. Fall, winter, or summer, Thursday nights were always about going out. It was like a buzz could be heard all around campus, one that not only lingered in the back of your head during the afternoon classes, but one that prepared your stomach and brain for the onslaught of alcohol bound to come its way that night.

Now, Tuesdays.

Everything seems more clear on Tuesdays.

The pint glass with a couple inches of beer left seems more there. The whiskey glow of light inside the pub is richer, and my thoughts are softer, more malleable. They don’t have that static cling inside my mind they do on most days when I get caught up with something that’s not worthwhile.

Not on Tuesdays.

It’s the end of the week, for the paper that is. We reset our production cycle so the paper goes to press and all the stories and worries from the week before vanish as they are set permanently into paper. A small irony there.

At the end of the day there are no lingering worries, no needless thoughts clinging to my brain, it’s a fresh start.

And then there’s Tuesday tradition.

It started with a pair of movie gift cards. I’d found them in box I’d taken almost a year to unpack and decided to use them. So, heading to the movies after production on Tuesdays became a tradition for the past few months. Sitting there solo, in the dark, watching a movie was a perfect way for me to recharge at the end of the week.

After that it was off to the pub for a pint and some wings. Every Tuesday.

At the start, I always valued the movie more. There’s nothing like going to the movies by yourself. For a creative person, you can get completely immersed in the story without any friends there to remind you that a real world exists outside of the movie. Believe me, there’s no better way to see a movie in theatres.

When I saw Sinister 2 by myself, I got so into it that I didn’t sleep without a light on for weeks.

Over time though, the movies faded away as the pub started to become more and more attractive, and it wasn’t because of the beer or food.

Every Tuesday, without fail, I’m sitting at the end of the bar, my laptop in front of me, writing, editing, or tapping out posts for the blog. It’s probably one of my most productive places.

The place is really growing on me.

The New Year is around the corner, and my thoughts have started to drift toward what the means for me. Where am I going to be in 2016? Where do I want to be in 2016?

There’s a lot of answers to that question, some of them I’m working toward as we speak, but I never really thought that here, where I am now, would ever sneak its way into that answer column.

Like I said, the place is growing on me.

Thanks for reading,