Joel’s Journal – 12/01/2015

20151107-_JJW0635I spent most of the day inside my own head.

As is generally the case with a job that requires you to think differently, my hands are generally folded beneath my chin, or I’m leaning back in my chair, staring at the ceiling.

These bouts of calm are intermittent between phases of my fingers frantically flipping over the keys.

It all started pretty early, the alarm shattering through my sleep like pane of glass. As the pieces of my dream crumbled back into my subconsciousness, her face slowly fading, I rubbed my eyes and glanced around the dark apartment.

The bed next to me was empty. I sighed.

A new addition to the tiny space I call home is a simple lamp on the bedside table. I found myself frequently giving in to the early morning darkness and the warm promise of dreams, but then I would wake up later feeling disjointed, off, because I hadn’t written and now I had to head to work.

I always feel that way if I can’t write in the morning. It’s the same feeling when you’re absolutely certain you’ve forgotten something but you can’t remember what it is. But in my case, I know exactly what it is I was supposed to do and I’m the only one to blame for not doing it.

So now, with the flick of a switch, I can banish the darkness and the wraith of sleep lingering behind my eyes.

Genius, I know.

After a cup of tea (the coffee is all gone) and a few thousand words I closed my laptop feeling content. A feeling I rarely have when it comes to my work and something I always take a second to enjoy when it comes, like the smell after it rains. It doesn’t always come after a rainfall, but when it does, you enjoy the sweet aroma as long as you can.

In the office, I had only writing left to do and a large feature story was the main brunt of the work.

It took me nearly the entire day to sort out my thoughts, organize the sources and set the statistics I wanted and put it all together in a form that would be both readable and entertaining.

My mind was somewhat distracted though, and I continuously found myself glancing out the window and staring at the sky for long periods of time.

Perhaps I just had too much on my mind and even after a day inside there, it doesn’t seem any more organized than it was before.

Perhaps I’ll get right back to it tomorrow. It is the start of a new month after all.

Thanks for reading,