Joel’s Journal – 11/24/2015

Gone with fall, in with winter.

The snow has started to fall here in Oshawa and nearly every part of me, except the part that does all the driving, is extremely happy about it.

Through my office window, I watched the white stuff drift lazily down onto the road and disappear.

It clung to my shoulders and hooded head when I stepped out of the pub.

I had to clean my car off for the first time this season.

I really take the time over these next month to actually enjoy the winter season.

Enjoying the cold bite of the air in the morning as it tries to break through my multiple layers and fails. The clear smell of winter and fresh fallen snow. After December, these things kind of lose their attraction.

The cold gets colder and the wind gets sharper teeth.

But for now it’s not as cold, windy or harsh and Christmas is in only 30 days, and for a kid who’s big on family, Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

I might even like it more than fall, but that’s still up in the air with the snow.

But that’s still 30 days away and I’ve got a lot to do before that. I’m really looking forward to 2016.

I think you guys are going to like what’s coming.

Thanks for reading,