Joel’s Journal – 11/23/2015

My Life with the Undead – Part 2

My Life with the Undead logoDisclaimer: This ongoing series is a collaboration of fiction and non-fiction. Some of the events are true, some of them are not. Why, you may ask, well, because with writing, you can do whatever the hell you want. Enjoy.

I pulled out of the driveway, but my head was facing in the other direction as I stared at the lady from apartment four topple backward onto the grass.

The screech of tires snapped me back to the road and I slammed my foot into the break, sending my chest forward to meet the steering wheel. I got an angry glare and a wave of the hand from the driver as she moved around the front end of my car. When she passed I pulled out slowly and headed for the office.

The day was bright. A cold chill was in the air and I could tell that snow was on the way as I stepped out into the parking lot.

It was an easy morning with a final interview for one story and a meeting to finalize another.

This latter actually involved me visiting a mosque for the first time, as I’m currently working on a story on the Syrian refugee crisis and the pending announcement on how the government intends to bring 25,000 of them into the country by year’s end.

The building was gorgeous and the mosque filled with bright white sunlight. After a tour, the imam also gave me a copy of the Quran, a text I’ve heard has some beautiful imagery in it. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

When I headed back to the office, the streets were empty. A few isolated cars passed me on my way out of downtown, but for nearly lunch hour in the centre of Oshawa, there should have been a lot more traffic.

I jumped, remembering I had to snag a couple pictures in the park for another story and quickly turned in that direction.

Wrapping my scarf around my face and hoisting my camera from my bag I hopped out of the car, not paying the meter and jogged into the centre of the park where the war memorial stood.

A group of people were jostling with each other off on the other side of the park. Streets ran along all four outer edges and on the west side there’s a high school that usually had students standing outside smoking or waiting for the bus.

As I watched them, they seemed to be playing around with one of the other kids, the one closest to me spun around.

The move shocked me and I stopped moving for a second.

The two of us just stared at each other, the kid was bent at the knees and half turned as if he was scared I was going to run at him.

When he didn’t move I turned and snapped my pictures of the memorial, probably faster than I should have.

I slung the Nikon back around my shoulder, straightened my coat, pulling up my collar around my scarf to keep out the cold then turned and headed back toward my Golf.

Glancing in the kids direction again, my stomach again started to feel uneasy.

The group, probably about seven of them, were all standing stalk still, staring at me. I could see another person, a woman with a stroller staring at them also. They didn’t seem to notice her.

At first.

I stopped again and waited for one of them to say something. Perhaps they were looking for something, or needed help, but I soon doubted that. There posture was almost threatening, like they were ready to pounce at any moment.

I cocked an eyebrow and turned for the car. Then they started to run.

All seven of them broke into an all-out sprint the second I moved. I didn’t know how to react at first and for a second I just stood there.

When they were closer and I could hear them grunting as they ran, the sound for some reason broke my paralysis and I ran.

“Hey!” the sound came from across the street as I dropped into my car and slammed the door.

The woman with the stroller. She had a hand in the air and was waving it at the kids.

Then, it was like I didn’t even exist, all seven of them turned and ran in her direction.Not before I could see a red rim around each of their faces, as if each of them had tried to put on lipstick for the first time and failed miserably.

I twisted the key in the ignition and punched it back toward the office.

I didn’t meet another car along the way and I didn’t see lady with the stroller or the kids.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading,