Joel’s Journal – 11/16/2015


In brief:

Writing – a look at my day, books and getting comfortable
Photos – from the archive, taken in 2013, Rabbit’s Blanket Lake Provincial Park. 


So, first of all, I’ll start off by saying if you didn’t get outside today, you’re freakin mental.

I was stuck in meetings at Oshawa City Hall most of the morning and after writing my stories in the afternoon it was getting on 4:30 and, of course, it’s dark outside. Go figure.

20120819-P1040086The day wasn’t really that stressful, but long meetings at city hall, followed by hours of crafting stories can make your brain feel heavy and your mind clouded.

So, after a quick dinner, I put on a pot of coffee and settled back against the pillows to read for a little while.

I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with the Millennium Series going on right now (the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series as some know it).

If a book or movie has a journalist as the main character, I eat it up, and generally more times than once. I’ve read the trilogy numerous times (plus the most recent novel written by a separate author), and watched the Swedish films made from the books. The American version of the movie is also a staple on my iPad.

Generally, I just put it on in the background to fill the silence in my empty apartment.

20120819-P1040084Heck, I think the reason I dug up one the most in-depth investigative stories of my journalism career so far, was I was completely jazzed up by Mikel Blomkvist and his journalistic abilities.

The character is just an absolute inspiration and just goes to show what you can do when you create a fake person.

A humble ladies man who spends hours on hours on hours working, but never seems to get tired, drinks buckets of coffee, smoke cigarettes and still lives a completely happy and healthy life. Only in fiction I guess.

Still, makes some for great reading.

It’s odd because these characters almost seem to become old friends after a while, friends that only live within the pages of the book, but are always there when you open the cover. It’s something a book that is new to you can never have over a book that you’ve read multiple times and absolutely love.

It’s like your mind automatically knows when you start reading those names and those settings, you’re going to be unwinding for a little while. There’s no buffer period as your brain tries to figure out what you’re doing, you open that book, read a paragraph and you’re instantly relaxed.

It took a couple hours to finally put the book down and after that I grabbed my bag and headed out the door to grab a beer at the pub down the street.

Without internet or cable in my apartment I generally head out to get a little extra work done at the end of the night at a small pub in downtown Oshawa. I reward myself with a pint for having the energy to work so late.

But for now, it’s time to go.

Thanks for reading.


Photos from the archives: This set of photos I pulled while going though some old files from a trip I took out to BC a few years back. I drove out with the family and we camped along the way.

I took these shots in Northern Ontario on Rabbit’s Blanket Lake.

The mornings on the trip were always early ones as we tried to get put in extra kilometres each day on our haul across the country.

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