Joel’s Journal – 11/09/2015

20151107-_JJW0632One of those weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it feels like you’re getting near the end of it, but then you check the calendar and it’s only Tuesday?

Yeah, just did that.

Working a city hall beat means covering late council meetings, which means when a meeting runs from 6:30 to 10:30, plus the extra time afterward to write the stories that come out of said council meeting, then crashing for six hours before getting up to be in the office for production the next morning, it can make a Monday feel like Tuesday and Wednesday were crammed into it as well.

I also need to find the time for writing (fiction update coming soon), and working on freelance projects as well.

Not done right, it can make a week seem more like two. And perhaps most of it is my fault.

Writing is really all I do with my waking hours, whether it’s at home, at work or at the pub after a long day, as it is right now, my fingers are generally clicking over the keys.

I never get sick of it though. Sure, there are times when I’m exhausted and writing is the last thing I feel like doing. But during those times when I’m completely awake and ready to go, writing is the first thing I want to do, and thankfully that’s exactly what my job and my passion calls for.

However, I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of loving something too much, squeezing it too tight, and killing it.

Now, I believe I’ve found a healthy medium, a way to make all the current projects work, without driving my brain into burning frenzy, followed by a week or two of recovery.

I’ll still stay that 90 per cent of my days are spent with work. Whether that’s at the office or in front of my computer at home, my brain is occupied.

But it’s that other 10 per cent that is the most important and if you’re like me, someone who can’t bare to sit still for more than an hour at a time, and if a day goes by and not enough work was done you kick yourself, then listen up.

It’s that down time that is the most important.

I’m not saying to crash for six hours in front of Netflix and binge watch House of Cards, but take an hour to relax a couple times a day.

That’s really all it has to be.

Even if you’re raring to go, wanting to get things done, take the hour and the work will flow that much easier after because you’re actually looking forward to it.

Lately, those breaks have involved either an hour in front of the TV with my PS4 (bought for the sole reason to help me relax) or I’m taking my camera and going out to see what interesting shots I can get.

Imagine a scale, one of those old fashion deals with two plates, one on each side.

Your working hours are piled on the one side, and your relaxation hours on the other.

If too many working hours pile up, that plate goes crashing to the ground and things take some time to reset.

However, the good thing is, if you love what your doing, those working hours are a lot lighter, and easily evened out by a couple hours of break every now and then on the other side.


I just laughed into the pint of beer I was trying to drink.

It’s the breaks I’m forcing and the work I’m looking forward to?

I guess it’s just one of those weeks.

Thanks for reading.


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