Inspiration in the Shower and Working from Home

Isn't it about time to fly south?
Isn’t it about time to fly south?

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The above shot was taken during my sunset adventures on Saturday. For more on that check out the vlog I made after the hike.

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Joel’s Journal - Entry #98 - 2/6/2017

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. I’m not sure why.

Whenever I’m stuck for ideas with writing or reporting, whether it be a dilemma with plot or how to lead a story or how to frame certain questions in an interview, I’ll step into the shower in the morning and generally have a better sense of things when I step out again.

Today, a few different things came together for me.

I’ll start with the last couple days. I’ve been battling a bit of a cold (again, I know), and it’s been leaving my throat feeling like a used piece of sandpaper and my nose like a bad tap. That’s not the worst of it though. The worst is just the lack of energy. As my body uses all of its resources to battle whatever this is, I’m left feeling just drained all the time.

That’s probably the main reason why, as I stepped into the shower, I was feeling completely stressed. All these things with work and my own personal endeavours were starting to weigh on me. I know a lot of it is self-inflicted. Nobody is standing behind me with a gun to my skull forcing me to write these journals or edit photos or make videos. I do those things because I love to do them. However, it takes a lot of energy to do all of those things, and during a normal day, I’ve got more than enough to go around for all the different jobs. Now though, the energy stores are minimal and I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Standing in the shower, the thoughts racing through my head, a simple one came crushing through like an icebreaker.

Just have fun with it, Joel.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it was just enough to switch something in my head to alleviate enough of the worry of not getting everything done. It’s not about creating things on a deadline, and it doesn’t HAVE to be daily, I just WANT it to be daily. Sometimes, that can’t work, but it’s nothing to get stressed about, let alone have it weigh over me all day and ruin a perfectly good Monday.

When I dried off and sat back down at the computer. I was feeling loads better and able to crack on with my work for the day.

I was working from home today, as I’m a firm believer that sick people should stay away from workplaces. The last time one of my coworkers brought a cold into the office everyone got it. I don’t want that to be on me this time.

Thankfully, the two council committee meetings I needed to watch were webstreamed so I could keep track of what was happening that way throughout the day in my little quarantine zone. In between meetings I was able to wrap up a few of the stories I had outstanding from last week and send them off to my editor.

I did leave the house though, but only once. There was a meeting at 6:30 inside the council chambers that I knew wouldn’t be webstreamed, so I bundled up, packed up my laptop, and headed down there.

It was another planning meeting (I wrote about a pretty hectic one not too long ago), but this one was a little more tame, and not nearly as long. It was dealing with new nine-storey apartment building proposed for the city’s downtown. I think the location and the size are definitely going to raise some eyebrows in the future. So, I figured it would be worthy to attend the meeting to keep on top of things.

The short trip out of the house, while only a couple of hours, was draining, and when I came home, I immediately dropped onto the couch to watch the Leaf game.

It’s getting late now though, and I think I’m going to read before getting an early night.

I hope you all had an amazing Monday, and today, make sure you do what you love and do it well! I’ll be vlogging today so look forward to a new video posting tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,