Hurry Up Spring

Among the reeds at M's pond.
Among the reeds at M’s pond.

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Caught this little guy sneaking around the garden. Readers, meet M's cat Ojay (or Rupan) or...I don't know, the family gives him lots of names.
Caught this little guy sneaking around the garden. Readers, meet M’s cat Ojay (or Rupan) or…I don’t know, the family gives him lots of names.

Joel’s Journal - Entry #143 - 3/22/2017

The same way that sweetness lingers on the tongue, spring is lingering in my mind.

It’s teased itself around Southern Ontario a couple times now, even earlier in the depths of winter it came wagging it’s hot tail before disappearing, leaving behind frigid winds and snow.

Now, according to the calendar, the end of winter is official nigh, and it’s time for some warm temperatures.

We got a little bit of it on Monday and Tuesday, but today was another one of those days when you look out the window, think all is right with the world, then step outside into -10.

The workday was fairly quiet, which was good, allowing me to plan for the coming weeks as well as make the initial headway on my feature regarding the Durham police’s top K9 cop. I’ve got the headline nailed down, but I rewrote the opening several times, deleting hundreds of words repeatedly, as I tried to get the introduction the way I want it. I didn’t get it today, but it’s coming.

When the workday was over, I headed directly through north Oshawa traffic to get to M’s place for the evening. She was warm in the couch when I got there and after a little bit of coaxing, I got her to come walk a bit around her back field and pond for a brief stint. I wanted to get some photos because the light was nice and simply wanted to spend some time outdoors. The Express office get’s a little stuffy sometimes, and when my body sits inert all day I just feel like moving at the end of it. I circled her frozen pond, testing my luck on the frozen ice as a attempted to get some shots within the reeds. Don’t worry though, if the ice had broken, the most I would have been getting is cold feet.

After that, we spent the night inside, watching movies and playing games. It’s a nice and cozy winter habit we’ve developed, and it’s a good sign that we can stay cooped up with one another for hours on end and not get cabin fever.

I just hope that soon the warm temperatures will get here. I have a feeling they’re going to come sooner than I think.

But more on that later.

It’s Thursday now, I’ve got a bunch of meetings throughout the day, including checking out the GTA’s first Harry Potter themed escape room for an upcoming story.

All of you here, thank you so much for reading, and be sure to keep doing what you love and doing it well.