Hectic Days and Finding Time to Experiment


I’m always excited for Mondays. It’s usually when everything comes together.

It also means things get hectic.

With press day only 24 hours away, it means the final touches on stories need to be completed and whatever is left to be written up needs to get done.

I usually try and do a bit of this on the weekend, but as you’ve probably read, I didn’t get much of that done this past weekend as I spent it at the beach.

That being said, I hit the office early this morning to get a head start before anyone else showed up.

I was able to get organized with my interviews and meetings for the day, a couple police briefs written (two stabbings over the weekend…great) and upload photos from Friday’s assignments before anyone else even got to the office.

I purposely left one story to simmer over the weekend before writing it up today. I’ll have a blog post all about it tomorrow (as the story itself will be published by then), but it’s opened my eyes a bit to how much NEED there is in the community, and it’s gotten me thinking about how I can help.

More about that later though.

I’ve been really trying to experiment with my photography lately, which generally means me taking pictures of absolutely EVERYTHING just to see how it turns out.

I did a bit of this on my lunch hour while scooping leftover pasta into my mouth and watching a couple reruns of The Office.



Back in the office for the afternoon I wrote said story mentioned above and the editorial that is related to it, offering our newspaper’s stance on the topic.

I’ve also laid out a pretty exciting and different front page to highlight the story.

Like I said, feeling fiesty and confident on the experimenting front these days.

A couple hours were spent roughly laying out the remaining 16 pages of the paper before an afternoon meeting.

The weather was nice, so I parked at city hall and made my way through the streets to Riley’s Pub.

I had my camera slung over my shoulder, and at one of the city’s busier intersections in the core of downtown, I did my best to capture some motion in an image, something I’ve never really been good at.

The afternoon meeting went well, progress for a larger story.

By that time it was nearly dinner and I headed back to the office to eat and finish laying out the paper before today’s production.


Did you catch all that?

As Rihanna says, “work work work work work work.”

Thanks for reading,


Coming tomorrow


A look inside Oshawa’s Back Door Mission for the Relief of Poverty.