Halfway Reflections Deadline Day and Algonquin Planning


I’m writing this from the couch in my living room. It’s about 8:30 p.m. on Monday and a cool breeze is coming in through the open window beside me.

Now, let’s get writing.

Halfway Reflections

Life in transition gets freaking hectic, I’ll tell you that right now.

As you all know, I’m moving in a few weeks, and there’s already a lot of planning and packing underway for that along with M. Graciously, she’s been accepting a lot of the responsibility for getting us organized, and I couldn’t appreciate it more. With work starting to pick up in the fall months, it feels like my brain barely has enough room to fit in fiction writing in the mornings, let alone pushing myself to do more and more this month (as has been my self-inflicted goal).

Moving is a huge thing. Yes, you’re moving all of your physical possessions, which takes time, effort and a friend with a large vehicle, but it also takes a lot out of you mentally.

Now, I’ve always thrived when it comes changing environments. As I’ve written about before on this blog, I used to rearrange the furniture in my room at home almost every month. There was just something about doing that which always made me feel more productive, more creative. It’s been the same way, on a much bigger scale mind you, with moving apartments. When I moved out west, I finished a novel. When I moved back to Ontario, I started a new novel, and it was moving into this second apartment where I finished it. There is just something about a new atmosphere that gets the cylinders in my brain firing.

So, I am absolutely looking forward to this move, and starting this next phase with M.

But with that said, it’s a lot to think about, and it’s these sorts of things that weigh on your subconscious the most. I truly believe that while you may not be consciously thinking about it, your brain is still carrying around those thoughts and worries and excitements in the back of your mind like garbage bags filled with clothes.

It can be a lot to take in, and I’ll be happy once I can get into that new apartment and put them all down.

Deadline Day

This week has been absolutely hectic. I mean like, trying to corral an entire coop of escaped chickens hectic…not that I’ve ever had to do that.

Anyway, there’s been more than a few contenders for front page new stories this week and more than a few photos to take centre stage on the top page.

Sometimes, the decision can be a tough one, especially in weeks when nothing particularly photogenic has happened. At times, I don’t mind the challenge, it allows you to get a little creative and think about designing a front page that readers will want to pick up. However, other times, it’s nice to just plunk an engaging photo on the front page and let it do all the work.

This week, we’ve got the latter.

If you haven’t seen the news yet, last week in Oshawa a fisherman discovered the dismembered torso of a female floating near the pier at the Oshawa waterfront. Her death has been ruled a homicide and the investigation and work to identify her remains ongoing. Today, divers from the Toronto police were at the Oshawa pier helping Durham officers in the search for evidence.

I got lucky with my timing as I was out and about trying to get pictures of a major accident. When that failed, I made a side trip to the harbour after noticing a tweet from DRPS noting that divers were in the water.

I spent about an hour at the pier, standing in the sun with my camera waiting for the divers to surface. It was the shot I wanted. Well, the shot I REALLY wanted would have been the diver surfacing with something in his hand. Yet, we don’t always get what we want and he surfaced empty handed.

I got the shot nonetheless.

Tomorrow, a photo from my side trip will be on the front page along with a lot of GREAT content, including our local power utility heading down to Florida to help with hurricane relief. I wrote the news piece and our editorial on the subject praising the power company for taking such a good step.

More on that tomorrow though.

Algonquin Planning

Oh, yes, nothing like a mini vacation before the real vacation.

This weekend I’ll be heading into Algonquin Park, as I’ve mentioned.

A quick Google search tells me that the leaf colour change is at about 30 per cent. While not ideal, this will be my first time in the park during the fall months, so I’m not going to complain.

If M, Mike and Larissa are up for it, I’d like to take on the Track and Tower trail. It’s a fairly long one that Daniel and I have tackled before, but the view at the end of it is spectacular. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the best views in the park. It takes quite the investment of time and sweat to get there though.

The much shorter and easier Lookout Trail (which we will do also) also offers a great view, but nothing like the Track and Tower vista.

Anyway, today I grabbed a few things from the store to pack for the trip, including the ingredients I’ll be using to make my wicked pasta sauce for dinner #1. I’ll probably cook it up and freeze it tomorrow so that it’s good to go for the weekend.

I’ve also checked the weather multiple times and things are looking nice and clear. Can’t wait.

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading!