Getting back to Normal (kinda)

Hardly working.
Hardly working.

Joel’s Journal - Entry #171 - 4/29/2017

There were a couple options this weekend, and I went with the path of least resistance.

The month of April has been an absolute maelstrom for me, for many reasons, many of which you know about.

Work. Washington. Florida. Charleston. MacGregor Point Provincial Park with the brothers. Work.

And for some other reasons that I have yet to share on this blog. Never fear though, I don’t mean to sound cagey, but it’s just not official yet and until that happens I’m keeping it off the internet. Just know, that it’s good and it’s put a lot of different questions and interesting things to think about on my plate moving forward.

So! Today. Saturday.

I had a single assignment for work, nothing serious, taking pictures at a baseball game, and after that the weekend was mine. M is working, so I had the day to myself. Generally in situations like this I would take advantage of the free time to go down and visit the family in Kitchener. However, this time around, the last thing I felt like doing was driving anywhere, and besides, my apartment looks like a tornado swept through it, perhaps more than once, and I was having trouble living with myself in there.

My first order of business though when I woke up, after putting the coffee on of course, was just doing WHATEVER I wanted. It turns out, that was a little bit of work. I’ve been pumped full of motivation lately, perhaps all the travel has restored my inspiration back-ups, but after my first cup of coffee in bed with Instagram, I moved to the desk and set to work on a story on Oshawa’s airport.

It was a simple new piece, one I had all the interviews wrapped up for. So, after a bit of research and fact checking through my clip files of older stories on the topic, I finished it up.

After a quick shower and breakfast, I ran out the door to grab some photos at the baseball game I mentioned, making sure to park far enough away that I could justify grabbing my board out of the trunk and skating a few blocks to get there.

With that done, I flopped back onto the couch at home to watch the Jays game. I wasn’t too surprised when I blinked a couple hours later and I had fallen asleep. SOLID nap though, and I woke up just in time to watch Osuna wrap up the bottom of the ninth so, thumps up to that.

Next on the list was getting my apartment back into a living condition I was happy with. Kitchen. Bathroom, Bedroom. Everywhere. It all got cleaned and vacuumed. I did the dishes, washed all the counters and even loaded up my car and took all my empty beer and wine bottles back, something that had been collecting in the corner between the oven and the wall for some time now.

The sun is starting to drop low in the sky now and I’m sipping a beer as I wait for M to finish work. I’m sure we will have a nice quiet night, perhaps go on a dessert date and get something sweet. Not sure, but that’s about all I have to say today.

Tomorrow, M and I have the ENTIRE day together, and the thought is currently filling my stomach with warmth.

It’s nice to feel that things are starting to slip back into a normal rhythm again. I’m also trying to find my footing in the daily posting schedule again. It’ll take some time and perhaps a few boring entries before I get back on track, but I think that’s something I have to take on the chin when things get crazy.

It doesn’t change the fact that I’m doing what I love and doing it well! I hope you’re all doing the same!

Thanks for reading,


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