At the foot of the bluffs.
At the foot of the bluffs.

Joel’s Journal - Entry #109 - 2/18/2017

The water rushed so quickly over the rocks and the sun was so bright, it was hard to tell just how deep it was. The older couple who had been walking along behind me, turned back on the path and disappeared.

I studied the rushing stream for a few more minutes, I could see a somewhat clear path. A few rocks had their exposed backs baked dry in the sun and I knew my feet would stick surely to those. I could see a couple spots close to me and a couple near the opposite side. It was in the middle that things got dicey.

Slinging the camera over my shoulder, I took a deep breath, trying to make up my mind. However, a part of me knew that I was going to make the attempt right from the start.

The Scarborough Bluffs loomed above me, the jagged edges cutting into the sky like the walls and turrets of an ancient castle. The path curved away from me on the other side of the stream, but I could hear the tumbling waters of Lake Ontario and I knew the spectacular view was just up ahead.

No little bit of water was going to keep me from that. I tightened the straps on my bag, secured my camera again and started to cross.

It was about halfway that the water began to pool over the tops of my Blundstones. That was okay, the leather is perfect for keeping the water out and they’re ankle height so nothing was get-

The next step the water rushed against my foot, pooled up, up and over the lip of my boot and down into my socks. The cold water was like a shock, and like a startled deer, I made the last two rocks at a jump and landed in the mud on the other side.

I continued on my way, smiling, feeling that the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as I first thought.

Besides, it’s the risks and excitement that takes an adventure from ordinary into the realm of amazing.

This week has been just too typical for me. As if life has just been spoon feeding me with cold, bland oatmeal and I’m longing for greasy pizza or a steak dinner.

Today, I knew I needed to get outside and do something, find something to kick start the engines again and get my inspiration whirling, because honestly I think that’s part of the problem too, and it’s a scary cycle.

As life starts to feel a little more mundane and the inspiration level starts to drop, my worries and stresses start to buoy to the surface and seem more apparent. This causes the inspiration and motivation levels to drop even further and therefore draining more and more colour out of my life. You see what I’m saying.

Yeah, today, I needed a solid adventure, and I found it.

I had never been to the bluffs before, though I’d read about them and seen pictures on Google. Today though, I figured I would go and experience them for myself.

When I finally crossed that stream and stepped out onto the beach for the first time, as the view opened up so did my smile.

It was gorgeous. The dirt walls rise high into the air above me, the water crashing against their base in miniature explosions. I could see a grassy ridge and a couple trees clinging to the top. The entire thing kind of reminded me of that scene from Inception where Leo ends up on the shore of limbo and the world is just degrading and falling into the sea. As I stood below the cliffside, the wind kicked up, knocking dried bits of rock and dirt loose from the cliff, like the thing was eroding right in front of my eyes.

I set to work taking photos, shooting timelapses and doing a bit of vlogging on the mostly empty beach. I was completely in my element and smiling the entire time. All I needed was M by my side and the day would have been perfect.

After exploring the bottom of the cliff for a while I moved on to the rest of the park, which is quite developed with pathways and benches and with it being the first nice day all winter (it was almost 14 degrees!) the place was packed.

I had a cup of coffee by the water and watched some jet skiers looping about in the water before I packed it in.

When I got home, I was so drained I flopped back into bed and napped for a couple hours. I wouldn’t be surprised to know if there was a smile on my face that whole time too.

Thanks for reading! And today be sure to do what you love and do it well!


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