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Joel’s Journal - Entry #133 - 3/12/2017

Perhaps because there’s been so many of them that I have a hard time keeping track, or maybe they are all just melding into a maelstrom of words, but I’m really trying to find a common thread in these journal entries.

I like continuation, I like to see things going somewhere, or moving toward something. I want to see the same thing on this journal, but lately I’ve been having a hard time finding it.

I’ve been trying to break it down to the simplest form and perhaps find the real goal of doing this, in that way I may be able to find the thing that ties this all together.

If I think about it, I guess there are two goals with this.

First, I’d say the main goal has been to document. Document what I do on a daily basis so that later I have a record of my working and pushing to achieve my goals. I truly believe in years to come that will be something to provide laughs and inspiration.

I also want them to be entertaining, or a good story, something that you, the reader, either enjoy reading quickly in the morning, or perhaps make you laugh, or at the very least you may learn something.

But life is not like a book or a movie, there aren’t exciting moments happening all the time, and that’s where the documenting aspect kind of falls away most days because it’s not going to be very exciting to read about me sitting at my desk at work all day digging through old city council reports and agendas. So for those days, I think that maybe I can write up a different kind of post, a more educational one or perhaps a story type post like my 100th. However, that’s where the common thread gets cut because I’m no longer documenting and I’m doing something completely different and there’s a piece of my mind that just can’t get on board with that. If anything, those types of posts should be completely separate from the journal.

I don’t know, perhaps I’m just thinking way too much about this, and should just focus on writing something on a daily basis and not worrying about whether it’s educational, or funny, or exciting, and just gleam the satisfaction that I’m keeping this project going and sooner or later that common thread will start to weave itself into these posts all on it’s own.

One can always hope I guess.

What do you think?

Anyways, it’s Monday and you all know how much I love Mondays. Let’s all get out there and just crush it, and make sure it’s at doing something you love and you’re doing it well.

Thanks for reading,


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