Fall Already?

Take Back September-Day 4

I was up before anyone else and put on the coffee.

Clouds coated the sky outside and the morning light coming in through the kitchen windows was hazy and dim.

It didn’t look like our plans for the Paris Fall Fair would come together.

Paris, Ontario is only about a half-hour drive from Kitchener, a place I’m familiar with having driven through their countless times on my way to and from university in Brantford.

With that said, my parents, M and I didn’t really want to make the drive only to have to stand out in the rain.

The fall fair was celebrating it’s 159th year this weekend, quite the milestone, so when my parents suggested that we go check it out, I was happy to tag along.

Before that, I sat down at the table and squeezed in a couple hours of work before the day started. I was able to produce yesterday’s Feature Debrief about my upcoming story on the Oshawa rock band Crown Lands (read that HERE) and I was also able to sort out the direction for my latest fiction project, setting myself up nicely to to get some more words in this morning.

As the morning brightened, the clouds didn’t dissipate and a few scattered raindrops hit the windows.

It didn’t look good, but my parents were determined.

So, around midday we all packed into the car and headed out.

It was the perfect time to go.

The sun started to come out just as we arrived and there was barely a line to get in. It seemed I wasn’t the only one a little hesitant about the weather.

We sat on some old wooden bleachers and watched a reptile show, the man sharing a very important message about Ontario’s endangered species. That show was followed up by a BMX stunt team.

Quite the mix of entertainment, but awesome nonetheless.

When that wrapped up we headed through the barns with their rows and rows of chickens, roosters, ducks and other birds, all of them being judged on criteria I knew nothing about. The roosters cawwed continuously, one after the other, as if passing some secret message from one end of the barn to the other.

We spent the next couple hours walking around the midway, getting some greasy carnival eats and taking in some of the other animals being judged. The beer tent was absolutely deserted, so we took advantage and got a cold drink.

On the way out, the sun was shining and the line to get in stretched across the parking lot. We’d come at a pretty good time.

The rest of the day was a classic Wittnebel family Sunday. There was relaxing on the deck with a couple beers, there was some washer toss, there was a delicious dinner of rotisserie beef, corn and salads, and there was a fire in the backyard to top it all off.

It was a fairly late night, with probably one or two beers that my body could have done without, but that’s okay.

Even during months when you’re doubling down, it’s good to take a short break.

Now, let’s get back to it.

Thanks for reading,