Entering Christmas Limbo

Now entering the no-man's land between Christmas and New Years.
Now entering the no-man’s land between Christmas and New Years.

Joel’s Journal - Entry #56 - 26/12/2016

When you sit down for a dinner with family, there is nothing quite like it.

There’s the brief minutes of silence as everyone tucks into their food and once that initial satisfaction is had, the conversation starts, and around the Wittnebel table, that generally can create quite the din.

Yesterday there was only a small contingent of us, being my family, significant others and my grandparents, but it was still quite an impressive cacophony of sound.

Whether it was people shouting for more buns and butter, asking for more wine, the clinking of forks and knives, or the argument between my brother and I about whether the tiny ornaments that came out of our Christmas crackers were metal or plastic. I still maintain they are metal.

The Wittnebel dinner table can have a journal entry all it’s own on this blog, but I think I would have to put a parental warning at the beginning of it. However, this time, being Christmas, it was pretty tame and the conversations were kept lighthearted and happy.

It was great to finally sit down and have a Christmas dinner with M and exchange gifts, both of which put a smile on her and my face. It’s safe to say we both hit the ball out of the park this year.

After dinner, it was a pretty typical night as we watched the opening of the World Juniors and then went to bed early. I can start to feel the holidays winding down, which is pretty typical after the big day passes. However, I’m still in that limbo mode between Christmas and New Years where I really don’t know what day it is, or what I’m supposed to be doing.

For now, I need to get going though because I have another Christmas to attend, this time, at M’s place!

Not much today, I apologize, but thanks for reading!


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